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Curious Case of Coffee: Starbucks a Cathedral of Creativity

Starbucks, Koregaon Park  is a two storey 12049653_652961554846923_5948716917162238422_nlounge in Pune,India. It is very spacious, with free wifi, courteous staff, amazing ambience and decorum. I consider Starbucks as my office now since i write most of my views & articles here as well as read books.  I do not drink much Coffee since it is a very strong stimulant but then there are so many other options to choose from the wide menu at Starbucks. Initially I found the place to be expensive but as the time progressed i realised the true worth of Starbucks.

StarbucksStarbucks has free wifi which enables people to come and access internet. This helps people to visit Starbucks, be connected on internet and delve into their work along with coffee and snacks.  Starbucks is always been very popular for travelers around the world due to its presence in many countries offering standardized quality of Coffee and eateries backed by ease of access to internet to stay in touch with friends and real time news. 12049405_652961688180243_2002940972444017369_nStarbucks is fast becoming a symbol for youth who come here for casual meetings for discussions, dates or just to relax and chill out.

The menu comprises which Coffee, Tea, snacks tailor made to soothe indian palate and other refreshing drinks although expensive are of finest quality apart from being clean and hygienic. I love the chatpata paratha wrap along popularly known as paneer tikka wrap in India ( photo on the side).11218954_652961894846889_5138869897019398423_n The staff is amazingly friendly, the place has great music and decorum. But the best part of Starbucks is that it serves as a melting point for people across different communities, countries and education to come and discuss their ideas, ventures and experiences.

Starbucks 1I have met some of the most creative people here ranging from entrepreneurs, professionals working in NGOs, media, technology, artists and bloggers like myself. Recently i designed my website in Starbucks and got help from people with whom i met here for the first time. Some of the most beautiful & intellectual women in Pune visit Starbucks (sad part is that i have not been able to meet them..hehe.. since i am busy writing and publishing my thoughts including some of my most creative thoughts on humanity and social causes..)

So what is Starbucks all about????? Coffee

12049636_652961944846884_1905979230421185760_nDo not be silly.. Starbucks serves as a place of creativity, a hub for people from all walks of life to come and discuss their ideas, experiences, compose symphonies on the lines of Mozart & Beethoven and innovate.. In end Starbucks is about lifestyle, a cathedral of globalisation & creativity and one of the better symbols of success stories from America. On a lighter note it does not hurt occasionally to order a tall mocha of cold coffee.. since the middle path is best path.. better to avoid extremes..

I end the note listening to Alanis Morissette song Thank U India, Thank U Providence, Thank U Disillusionment, Thank U Nothingness, Thank U Clarity
Thank U Silence…Thank U Starbucks..Thank U..Thank U..Thank U

To sum up watch the video of Alanis Morissette song and do something creative. Please do not say that this video is vulgar just in case your testosterone gets elevated which means you need to take a break. The video is artistically picturised and signifies the spiritual journey …What is depicted is Alanis journey..as she loses her inhibitions to discover herself..Thank U Alanis Morissette..Thank U..Thank U

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