Curious Case Of Defeat of Fascism: Hope Floats For Peace

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAWrAAAAJGI5MjlmYjMzLTkzNDYtNDlmNi1hOWI2LTMwNWRkMDBiZDgzOQThis article is dedicated to world peace and was posted sometime back on my LinkedIn and Facebook. I have added a few lines more about achievements of Japanese people in recent times. This article is not issued to commemorate hate but peace within our world. History still has not taught us that fundamentalism or fascism has done irreplaceable damage  and when are we going to learn…

World War  2 was a lesson for everyone that hate in the end makes you make wrong decisions and cause misery not only to others but also yourself…

War is only fought for economics and not for ideology…

If we look closely World War 2 was never fought for ideology but economics. War is always fought for economics to gain territorial region to bring in more revenues in the form of taxes, raw materials, benefit entrepreneurs esp. in armament industry, steel etc. and  create fear the most primordial trait in people. The Iraq war was never about World Trade Centre attack but oil and armament industry.

China, Korea and Japan 

Second Sino-Japanese War from 1937-1945, is the greatest Asian war of modern era and was fought for more resources and raw materials by Japanese imperialist army…

During this war women from China and Korea were enslaved for sex and prostituted for imperial army of Japan and this issue has hurt Chinese and South Koreans deeply.


Hatred begets hatred..

The Issue At Hand 

Present Japanese people are surely not supportive of the war criminals. They are today respected for their technology, management inventiveness like Kaizen, TQM and manufacturing. Japanese cars are the most fuel efficient cars, technological innovative and sturdy. Japan built world class brands like Toyota, Honda and Sony to name a few. Japan revolutionised electronic industry at one point of time and gave the world walkman ( an invention which would change the way we heard music before MP4 came. Walkman did what MP3 later on in technology, it revolutionised the way we hard music. The idea behind the invention came when one of the founders daughter was listening to a tape recorder while partying. This set the idea for a portable tape recorder which was a instant hit in America.

Japanese people built brands to last with names like Sony, Toyota, Honda to name  a few. Japanese people like Germans reinvented themselves, innovated, spent heavily in R&D and built quality products at reasonable prices. Sony defined the way we saw television my making advancements in HDTV, Trinitron television sets etc. Today Japanese people are admired around the world for discipline and ability to innovate by forecasting future trends in technology. Japan were one of the first to invest heavily in robotics, artificial intelligence and other electronic devices. Although Sony now has fallen behind the curve in electronics & technology but i am sure it will again reinvent itself and come out with flying colours.

So what went wrong…

Recap: China, Japan and Korea

If you look at people from North, South East Asia and China they have very similar features.  This is because they have the same genetic makeup also known as  Y-DNA and belong to San race from Africa. Spencer Wells Genetic Odyssey has mapped the whole genome structure and we are all genetically originated from Africa and then went through mass migration which would result in all of us being grouped into different races…

Please refer to the documentary attached…I have posted it many times on my Facebook and here on my

China, Korea and Japan were all created on the philosophy of Confucius, a great philosopher from China. Teachings of Confucius were brought to Japan by China while teachings of Laozi and Buddhism ( brought by Koreans) also flourished in Japan. All three countries have very similar culture, phonetics of language and architecture. Rice was first cultivated in China and South Korea and man became a farmer from a hunter and agricultural skills were brought to Japan by Chinese and Koreans. Japan had limited land resources and hence went for an expansion for raw materials and imperialist conquest.

Way Ahead 

The idea is not to bring the past and develop hatred for inhumane actions by people who are no longer alive. Japanese politicians have in the past apologised with Prime Minister Abe as recently as April 29 in United States but Japanese people have never cemented their acknowledgement  in a decisive manner.

Prime Minister Shinzō Abe has done many right things to boost Japan’s economy including empowering women right’s, restarted the much delayed QE to boost consumption, but paying homage to war criminals will only infuriate an issue which should have been long closed by Japanese people.

Japan should empathise with the sufferings of people and make a step forward towards peace. Japan could open a donation fund, compensate surviving members of people who suffered, open hospitals and colleges in Nanjing, help poor people in China by sending Japanese volunteers, encourage marriages between Japan and South Korea/ China  by giving tax breaks to couples and start joint humanitarian effort globally (this will develop mutual respect among the three countries… this is something we can replicate in India also)

One way forward for Prime Minister Abe would be to hug President Xi Jinping as a brother and say we are sorry for what happened. After all Confucius said solve all problems through diplomacy….

It will be a good idea for Prime Minister Abe to  make a personal visit to China and South Korea, personally meet President Xi Jinping, Premier Li, President Park Geun-hye and Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ah and say Japan will do whatever to restore the dignity of people especially women who were hurt….meet surviving members of victims, connect with some at personal level and see how best Japan can help………………..

Maybe during the visit in China and South Korea, Mr Abe might feel how close Japan is with both these countries.

Magnanimity is one of the greatest virtues in man. Confucius had said “ Study the past if you would define the future”

This is great  opportunity for Prime Minister Abe to decisively close the issue, make a new beginning  and cement his legacy.

With great power comes great responsibility… Maybe it’s time for President Xi and Prime Minister Abe to create history unparalleled in time and unite Asia, to take a decisive step forward for peace and win a joint Nobel Peace Prize.

I have deep empathy also for the innocent victims of bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki and in war it is always the innocents who die. The bombings of both the cities remains one of the greatest tragedies in human life since within a few minutes millions died as well as their progenies.

Salman Khan a prominent Indian actor beautifully said when a bullet kills a soldier, it is the mother who dies first…bombs only kill humanity…

In the last century, Japan became the first Asian economy to become developed, South Korea is already a developed nation and today China is the second leading economy in the world. Life is a circle and Asia is the genesis of presently oldest surviving civilizations and a peaceful Asia is better for economic progress. Going forward a close cooperation with China and South Korea will only help Japan in economic progress. There will be mutual transfer of technology among these countries and would in the end increase GDP and economic value of not only among these countries but world in general.

China, South Korea and Japan can set an example for the world to follow…

Lets begin a new future together…. a future of happiness, peace and harmony

Spencer Wells has scientifically proved that genetically our origin is from Africa. When Americans and Europeans enslaved Africans thinking of genetic superiority they were ignorant that their origin is after all from Africa….. We are all one….today we have science to genetically map people around the world … after all

The article is not to offend any country or community. The idea is to start a new chapter and as an Asian charity begins at home. Hope it will be taken in right spirit. At present world has much deeper problems and i understand Japanese people already realise it. So lets bury the past and start a new chapter …Hope all works out between China, Japan and South Korea