An Ode To Another Brick In The Wall: Pink Floyd Masters of Creativity

PinkThis is my first post after i converted my blog to a website.

Let’s start with Pink Floyd’s song another brick in the wall, the iconic rock group from the 70s considered by many as the greatest rock group of all time and one of the most creative artists ever assembled in music industry.

Remember John Lennon’s controversial remark that “We are more popular than Jesus” which led to his death. Was John Lennon really far off in his statement or a visionary since Kathy Perry, Justin Bieber have more twitter followers ( a micro blogging website) than Pope Francis, Bill Gates, Angela Merkel and President Obama or maybe we are just getting dumber. (Top 10 2015 list of twitter America includes 7 celebrities with Soccer players as the only major challenge to musicians). Is it not Michael Jackson at his peak who truly united the whole world with his brand of music & showmanship and made the whole world dance along with him? His moonwalk is more celebrated than Neil Armstrong’s first walk on the moon which ironically was termed as a giant leap of mankind. It seems the giant leap of Armstrong has been forgotten or certainly lost its sheen.

It is not a bad idea to start my creative piece by writing an article on music and how it has influenced our world especially in the last few decades. Music unites humanity today,  so why not start with one of the greatest rock group of all time, Pink Floyd.

Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is a name of an English rock band from London which was formed in 1965 with their peak years in the 70s where they reached god like status among their fans and shall remain for some time. The group was exemplary in progressive & psychedelic music, a type of music no group has been able to successfully replicate. The group was formed in 1965 and its members were Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, Roger Waters and richard Wright.  Pink Floyd’s lead singer was Roger Waters a living legend with David Gilmour on guitars, one of the greatest guitarists of all time. The group revolutionised the way music was both heard and seen with their live concerts considered highly revolutionary and ahead of times. Pink Floyd made use of lasers, acoustics and other technological set designs like never before and spend a lot of money on designing their concerts to give an experience which few groups can rival even today.


Side Photo: Cover of The Dark Side of the Moon voted as the most creative cover ever fro any music album and Commercially the most successful album of Pink Floyd.

Although Pink Floyd will always be remembered for Comfortable Numb, arguably the greatest rock song of modern era, it is Another Brick in the Wall which will always remain a symbol of triumph. Comfortably Numb which will stand the test of its time as one of the greatest rock songs especially the riff played by David backed by fantastic vocals and lyrics of Roger. If you listen to the song you will understand that it is divine, soulful music straight from heaven. But it is Another Brick In The Wall from the album The Wall that cemented its place forever in history when it was played all night as a theme song which inspired people when the Berlin Wall fell uniting the Germans (in words of my good German friend uniting Germans without a single bullet being fired).

Although Another Brick In the Wall stands for bringing down the wall of inequality and was banned in South Africa due to apartheid policies being pursued by the government, the song was actually composed by Roger to allude to the wall between the group Pink Floyd and their fans. Since its release especially due its video and lyrics, the song inspires people to fight prejudices and racial discrimination while encouraging brotherhood. Personally Another Brick In the Wall symbolises end of hatred, evil & negativity and alludes to an era of positive attitude, compassion and both economic & spiritual progress and serves as a symbolic manifestation of journey.

Ironically the words of the song almost end with the lyrics I don’t need no arms around me
And I don’t need no drugs to calm me and the song is one of the most frequent played songs by drug addicts around the world.

Why such creative music is so popular among drug addicts. Music is a very powerful stimulant and stimulates the part of the mind where all the negative emotions originate including anger, hatred, passion etc. It gives a very powerful stimulus to imagination and makes one stop living in the present moment.  Pink Floyd’s sophisticated rock immediately soothes the mind and makes the music is very addictive. The idea is not to demean Pink Floyd since it used to be and still remains one of my favourite rock groups although i try to avoid music in general.

One of the prime reasons of drugs use in America is due to its culture of rock & metal music. Rock & metal acts as a supreme catalyst for mind which is heighted by the use of substances like drugs and other psychedelic substances. So what does it imply? That we should avoid Pink Floyd or other music groups in general? Depends on your inkling for music but if one really listens to a lot of music it is highly recommended that one slowly reduce and moderate in a gradual progress in order not to make it habitual.

So what should we all do?  The best path is not to get attached so much that one cannot live without listening to a particular song or group or music in general. For those who listen and enjoy the music is it very important to be aware and mindful and not encourage any kind of imagination while listening to music. In case one is able to notice any strong clinging to a particular song or genre of music it is advisable to switch to a different genre. The longer one continuously listens to music which influences one’s behaviour, the more likely one is to become vulnerable to vices including alcohol, smoking. The idea is to listen and enjoy music to an extent that it does not become addictive. Stimulant of any kind including coffee has to be consumed only moderately.  Awareness and mindfulness helps in limiting a life of excesses while leading a moderate life. One has to be very careful and realise that excessive of anything is bad including ambition and desire. The middle path is the best path with an absolute avoidance of excessive emotions for a long period of time. Over a shorter period it will be very difficult to control emotions unless one is trained in mindfulness and awareness but over a longer time frame a normal person can identify the excessive behaviour and try to moderate the behaviour. Middle path helps in developing equanimity, developing endurance and tolerance for unwanted situations in life while

It is so difficult to follow the middle path and develop attachments which lead to extreme behaviour. But then is the middle path relative?? Is the middle path for an Asian or an African very similar to an American or a European since they all live in so different continents with different social values, culture, environment, economic growth etc.?? What is the middle path?? We know it is a path of not endorsing extreme views and habits but then is there any definition or guide of middle path??

How will one understand the middle path preached by Lord Buddha 2500 years ago in the 21st century?? How does one live a happy and spiritual life while working as a professional with so much of tension and deceit around the world?? Then what is the middle path??

The dude has started smoking again after leaving it is a somewhat attached manner. But this will also pass. Accepting reality is the beginning of the middle path.

On a lighter side as a youngster when i was pursuing my engineering degree i used to sing this song along with a few of my classmates and was thrown out of the class many times. I recommend you do not do that and focus on your studies.

But like i said before it’s alright alright alright..Just accept and move forward..

The dude rests now. It’s time to head back home from Starbucks. Stay tuned and keep following The Dude..@

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