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Have been very busy for the past few days with my website and blog so was not regular for my weight training exercises in gym. Am i doing the right thing?? First i am not regular and then i train like a man possessed to the very extreme limit of endurance?? Is it correct..Is it the Middle Path??

Well not.. The better way would be to be very regular and be consistent..consistent..  

To begin with i had a good session in gym today. Ran for 30 minutes before weight training and then had a decent weight training routine. I again ran for 14 minutes after weight training session.The cardio before weight training was very intense. It is generally not a good idea to exhaust before weight training since you likely to lift less weight because of exhaustion. Better to take a small break of 5-7 minutes especially after a very exhaustive cardio session and drink a bit of energy drink before lifting weights. Anyways do your own thing by experimenting but surprisingly a good cardio helps me in weight training. Remember before going for cardio or weight training have a snack at least 30 minutes before your session. It is very important.

Always begin with warm up including stretching and cardio.It warms up your body, increases your metabolism and helps you to adapt better when you lift weights. It will help you to lift better as well as incur less injuries. In case you do run before weight training you might spend less time on stretching while if you do not do much of cardio then it is always advisable to more of stretching both before and after weight training.Also the time of the day and region matter a lot. India being a hotter place you can do a bit of less warm up exercises as compared to colder regions in Europe or America.

Modulate your warm up so you can peak while lifting weights.In the end do your own thing but do focus on a good warm up regardless of where you are training.

Dude rests now. Feel hungry and it’s time to eat some nutritious snack..Take a break.. Have a Kit Kat..Just Kidding

A protein bar will do you good.. Alright Alright Alright

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