Dude was correct: Analysis of Chinese Equity Markets & FED rates..Read Read

In my report Curious Case of Chinese Equity Markets dated 11 August published on Linkedin i had mentioned the risk of leverage in trades done by retail clients in China. I had argued that the equity downturn was short lived and that the government was justified in intervening in the market. I had sent my report to leading magazines put never got any revert. In the end i have been proved correct while some of the best economists were wrong. I want to highlight my report and would request if anyone can help me on this. I proved to be visionary and very correct in my analysis since Chinese markets more or less have not gone down much while there is not much panic in China or elsewhere.

Also i had predicted that FED will not increase the rates in September (which in the end was really sad) and wrote a report on US Deficit. Access here.

I was right because the downturn in Chinese Equity markets was hyped by media i guess in order to make a case for not increasing FED rates.  If you think and read a bit, it goes a long way.This just shows how important knowledge is in the ned….Ignorance is not bliss…it amplifies risk..and creates bubbles.. 

Let me know if anyone can help me in publishing this report in a magazine or any prestigious blog..

The Dude Rests His Case..Feeling good and a bit sad..Need credit for this one..Have done a lot of charity..

Too much of anything is not good..even goodness..