Update for coming month: Fitness & Yoga: Power Training

The coming two months we will focus a lot on Fitness & Wellbeing which would include gymming, cardio, cross training and yoga as well as travel.

Had a bit rundown in gym. Very average session today. Need to buckle up and train much harder. Gained some weight including muscle weight but i got to be careful about my diet. 

Keep tuned up……………

Let’s start our fitness article today with a look at major functional muscles.

Many people think that biceps define your strength or how ripped you are are.Well you are absolutely wrong because biceps are the weak muscles in the body. As a matter of matter triceps when defined will make your arms looks much bigger as compared to biceps. The biggest muscles in the body are are Chest, Back and Legs with Legs the biggest of them all. Well defined legs are hallmark not only of strength but also of aesthetics of  a well defined and toned body. These are also core functional muscles which defines your strength and power. The best exercises to gain strength are benchpress, deadlifts and of course squats.

images (1)Among these exercises, Squats is the best for gaining power since it involves the whole body workout. Squats is for legs and is one of the most used exercise by boxers to add strength along with leg press.

Bench Press is all time favourite but you have to be very careful when you do deadlight. Deadlight is a major exercise for back and it is advisable to be very careful with your form and prudent to wear a belt while executing this exercise since this exercise usually causes most injuries. Also it is good to mix a few other exercises like shoulder or arnold press and shoulder fylies along with the above routine.

Power Workout.. This is for advance gymmers

  • Bench Press 3-4 sets (8-12 reps)images
  • Deadlifts  3-4 sets (8-12 reps)
  • Shrugs 2 sets (8-12 reps)
  • Shoulder Press 3 sets (8-12 reps)
  • Biceps Bar curl 3 sets and Triceps preferable close grip 3 sets
  • Squats 4-5 sets (8-12 reps)
  • Leg Press 3-4 sets (8-12 reps)
  • Calves 2 sets 

This will  be a very intense work out and is for people who have already started working out with individual body parts. Since legs are very EXHAUSTING  for some people but its better to follow this routine although you can also start with legs. Before starting the routine 10 min of moderate treadmill running with a few stretches and at least 30 push ups. You could divide the push ups in three sets. Post the routine do atleast 10 mins or more of cardio with a bit of stretches including back extension.  It’s needless to say that you have to follow a very high protein diet full of fibre and good carbohydrates. Please watch this video for deadlifts.

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