Mr. Narendra Modi-The New Dude in Town

asana2This article will not look at the economic performance of Mr. Modi in detail since there are too many reports online but take a qualitative assessment of our Prime Minister.

To begin with Mr. Modi has done a lot in his brief tenure as Prime Minister of India including attracting capital globally, invigorating equity markets, reducing inflation by stabilising food subsidies & deregulating diesel subsidies, opening up many critical sector to foreign participation esp. railways and consolidating several government services under e-business portal to smoothen the process of investment and make it more pro business friendly. It’s sad that some other reforms like GST and land reforms have not materialised due to majority of the opposition in the upper house, but surely it will work out going forward.

The best part of Mr. Modi is the image which is has projected to the world. He has come out riding like a cowboy on a stallion like there is no tomorrow while connecting with our roots likes meditation and yoga which define the very essence of India. He has reinvent India when he implemented World Yoga Day and popularised yoga which was invented by Yogi Patanjali about 2500 years ago. Today one in six people in US does yoga as a mode of fitness or spiritual wellbeing and due to Mr. Modi’s initiative and emphasis, yoga is slowly regaining its popularity in India. (India already has many great schools of yoga inc. world famous Sivananda ashram, Bihar School of Yoga and Iyengar to name a few)  

He has been ahead of the curve in embracing technology in a very effective way despite his humble beginnings. He has more Twitter or Facebook followers than any leader in Asia and has understood the importance of PR as an effective mode of communication with the educated class in India and abroad.  He has outdone any of high predecessors in India in reaching out and connecting with the masses in India.

His recent visit to US was so much published and highlighted in media goes to show the respect and admiration people have for him in the western world. The best part of his visit is the personal touch shown by Mark Zuckerberg when Mark highlighted the importance his family played in Mark’s success in order to connect with Mr Modi.  This is unprecedented in Indian history where a global entrepreneur has embraced a world leader on a personal level in public. (Mark has a personal affinity towards Asians culture since he is married to Priscilla Chan, who is of Chinese-Vietnamese origin). On a personal note, I remember once reading that the best decision in life a man would take in his late 20’s or early 30’s is marriage since that’s going to define life going forward. Maybe it doesn’t told true in certain parts of the world with rising divorce rates but its Alright…Alright…we all make mistakes. Looking back no wonder I ever got married since I was not so wise or I am destined for much greater things. Also a few bachelors can surely help a country with a population of more than a billion and in this regard my profile matches with Mr. Modi.

Mr. Modi’s meeting with Mark highlights the potential India has for Facebook as platform for social media since in the end economics drives harmony. Modi’s visit in Silicon Valley was decisive since he connected with everyone on his digital India mandate and attracting investments from Google apart from others.  Mr. Modi not only carried himself with aplomb and but also mesmerised everyone with his wit and creativity. Born and primarily educated in India, my mother always emphasised the importance of English as a language by making sure that all my primary education was from best schools in India. No wonder my mother was a visionary as English is the international mode of communication and enhances your personality but Mr Modi has shown that lack of good English communication skill sets is hardly an impediment for effective communication at very high level. It is heartening to hear our Prime Minister speak Hindi when the whole world was glued to his telecast and clapping at his wit remarks is a statement in itself of the transformation of image India globally.

Mr. Modi has done what many Indian leaders could not do before. He has displayed panache, decisiveness and confidence befitting a leader from one of the oldest civilizations in the world. He has effectively shown that not only Indians but Asians are no less than anyone. People can only ride you if only you bend and to accept a condescending attitude from anyone pertaining to racial bias is a mistake to begin with anyways.

Mr Modi not only has changed the image of India but Asians in general. He has transformed India’s foreign policy by fermenting good relations with US, Europe, China, Japan and South Korea. He has shown that ultimately respect and admiration is not based on your appearance, country or education but on your action, deeds, tenacity and confidence. Mr. Modi is destined to be Prime Minister of India for a long time is not only going to be a great leader but also a great humanitarian. He will in the end not only bring economic growth but both equality among sexes and harmony. The upcoming Angela Markel’s visit should be very important since in Angela we have a great humanitarian and world leader par excellence. Great time for Indian to cement its relations with one of the greatest nations the world has ever see, Germany.

Considering that many of Mr. Modi followers are from around the world with followers from different countries and race, Mr Modi you are the new dude in town.

Keep going the whole world is with you.

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