Do you want to become Mr Olympia…Meet Abdul Salim Ansari

unnamedSometime back I was as usual earnestly practising weight training in Gold’s gym. I was lifting weights doing bicep curls when a fellow gymmer asked me to correct my form and to be more mindful while running through my routine. I looked around and a saw a pumped up guy and we exchanged pleasantries. I thanked him and continued with my routine. I would later realise that the concerned person was Abdul Salim Ansari, who was Mr India 2011 and two times  first runners up at Mr World.

I recently met him for lunch to know more about his motivation and personal life. Abdul’s father served in Armed forces while Abdul’s brother Abdul Khalik lost his life defending India in Kargil war. Abdul Khalik volunteered to serve in 118 Infantry regiment and was an exemplary sportsmen and wrestler. His tragic death devastated Abdul Salim Ansari’s family resulting in his mother’s death. Salim was in his very early teens was traumatised and jolted by the tragic loss and struggled for a long time to come to terms with the inexplicable loss. Salim while still in his teens aspired to become a wrestler and bodybuilder which he feels he is blessed me natural genetic makeup. He had to struggle to find a good gym while he was studying in school and was motivated by his friend to pursue weight training in a proper gym with good trainers. Salim finally managed to land up in gym and was initially mentored and coached by Sachin Chinchwade. When Salim could not afford to pay for his gym, Sachin motivated Salim to continue his passion for bodybuilding forfeiting his gym fees and bought Salim his supplements to aid him in strength training. This helped immensely since Salim went on to win junior Pune title when he was in 12th standard. Although Salim would work for sometime in BPO and as a technician in a technology company, he turned full time professional at the age of 24 years. Looking back Salim is very happy for the support of his father and his girlfriend of 10 years Prachi Singh, whom he plans to marry soon. Salim is forever indebted to Aamir Khan, ( do not get excited it is not Aamir Khan the actor from Bollywood) an ace trainer and powerlifter in Pune for guidance and help.

Attached video clip of World 2012 

His story is about passion and how a person for an impoverished background succeeded in bodybuilding still a nascent industry in India. Bodybuilding is one of most competitive sports in the world which includes huge investment in strength training and nutrition in the form of supplements.

Salim who is an aspiring Mr. Olympia and would be representing India in the competition in less than two months, is looking for sponsorship. It is very sad that India which is excelling in a few sports is not looking at other events where India can shine.

Salim’s family went through an unspeakable tragedy but Salim came out on top due to his pure dedication and determination. Well done Salim and hope you shine at Mr. Olympia.

12115974_661464373996641_5306832167378571423_nSo what is Abdul Salim mantra:

It’s not revenge It’s punishment. Salim says that until you do not punish the body to the limit, you do not get the results..hard work hard work till you die.. Good example for a country which has had its fair share communal problems..

Below Abdul Salim Ansari with The Dude at Punjabi Rasoi in Koregaon Park, Pune. A very reasonably priced restaurant with north indian food at reasonable in Lane 7.

12118846_661464293996649_5506334958889375251_nThe Dude: So Salimbhai any tips on food

Salim: Well I eat 6-7 meals which includes rice with chicken while I eat fish at night

The Dude: Rice I thought chappati was better. Absolutely puzzled

Salim: Rice is easy to digest so it’s better to have rice with brown rice the best option

The Dude: What about vegetarians like myself

Salim: Drink protein shakes and leave rest to GOD


Fitness and Wellbeing is part of a theme in Nishworld and I want to give everyone the whole gamut of experience encompassing this theme. Everyone has their own idea about fitness and it is for all of you to decide what suits you the best. Ultimately you own yourself best.