The Dudes Chest/ Tricep Workout..Go Nish Go..135lbs by November..60kg

Yesterday I had Chest and Triceps as my workout muscle. Usually the workout should include Chest, Shoulders and Triceps, Chest being the bigger muscle. If you have time constraint better to do Chest and Triceps

The thumb rule is to do lift your weight in bench press although it’s not easy. i.e if you weight 65 kg, you should be able to lift about the same in bench press. Missed my target of 60 kg benchpress which is 135 lbs. The best i have done with help is 55 kg i.e. 125lbs.

I start with push ups apart from cardio on treadmill. I tend to do about 6-80 push ups in various sets during my chest workout.


Bench Press: 4 sets : 10-8 reps ideal would be 12 reps. Push ups ongoing

Dumbbell Press about 2 -3 sets

Incline and Decline Press ( 3 sets) either with dumb bell or with weights and end with cable crossover. For beginners better to use the machine for chest press.

In this video which i shot yesterday i am lifting about 115 lbs ( 52-53kg). The bar is about 45 lbs with 35 lbs weights on each side. The video did not capture the full workout but did about 7 reps..

In all you should be doing about 100-140 repetitions across all the chest exercises not including  push ups.

Customise it according to your capacity. My target by end of NOVEMBER would be to do 135lbs in benchpress i.e. 60 kg..Come on Nish The Dude you can do it..Go Nish go..



Triceps are bigger muscle than biceps and bigger triceps helps to make the arms look bigger as opposed to popular opinion.

Best would be to start with close grip on bench press to develop bigger arms. (3 sets)

Another popular exercise in India is Triceps Pushdown using gym equipment. (3-4 sets). You can also use the same equipment to use Triceps overhead. Another popular  exercise is bench dips shown in the photo. For advanced gymmers bench dips can be done using two parallel bars

You can end your routine with Tricep dumbbell kickback.

(Source: Pinterest)

Some tips try to avoid skull crushers if your form is not correct.Refer to the website for more triceps exercises

You can end your routine doing a bit of cardio or abs excercises.

Disclaimer: Please consult your trainer for the correct form or routine. This article is only to be used as an informative piece to help you develop better


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