Maverick: Ricardo Semler


Maverick means a person who is non conformist and I consider myself a Maverick.

Maverick by Ricardo Semler is a fascinating book about the life of Ricardo Semler, A Brazilian who takes over his company and brings about a change by empowering his employees like no other corporation in the world. I had read this book when I was studying for my first MBA in SIBM, Pune, India (Symbiosis Institute of Business Management). Consider it a must read.

Under his ownership, revenue has grown from 4 million US dollars in 1982 to 212 million US dollars in 2003 and his innovative business management policies have attracted widespread interest around the world. Time featured him among its Global 100 young leaders profile series published in 1994  Source:

It is an eye opener about how trust and empathy can do wonders.


Ricardo Semler videos including his talk in TED Talks 

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