Day: November 19, 2015

Gold’s Gym, Kalyani Nagar, Pune: Gold Standard

IMG_20151020_115153Gold’s Gym located in Kalyani Nagar is the mother of all gyms in Pune. I shall be writing a series of articles on Gold Gym where I have been a member since past one year and used to visit sporadically before Gold gym has number of branches all over India and a few in Pune. The Kalyani Nagar branch is the biggest in terms of space and includes a spacious air conditioned gymnasium, a small swimming pool, a spinning studio, an aerobics and yoga center . It is a multistory gym including a rock climbing vertical slab.  Continue reading “Gold’s Gym, Kalyani Nagar, Pune: Gold Standard”

Me, Myself and The Dude: Saga of Love

imagesThe Dude has returned with blessings from the holy Bodhgaya to begin a new chapter in life. The Dude turns an author and has decided to go into a relationship. The Dude comes out of his celibacy vow: Soon to start the global hunt for The Dudess. The DUDE is ready now and has to find the chosen one. The Dude has certain countries in his mind from his past experience but he is not disclosing them. The hunt has begun. ( pic:

Continue reading “Me, Myself and The Dude: Saga of Love”