Gold’s Gym, Kalyani Nagar, Pune: Gold Standard

IMG_20151020_115153Gold’s Gym located in Kalyani Nagar is the mother of all gyms in Pune. I shall be writing a series of articles on Gold Gym where I have been a member since past one year and used to visit sporadically before Gold gym has number of branches all over India and a few in Pune. The Kalyani Nagar branch is the biggest in terms of space and includes a spacious air conditioned gymnasium, a small swimming pool, a spinning studio, an aerobics and yoga center . It is a multistory gym including a rock climbing vertical slab. 

The gym has one of the hiIMG_20151020_115513ghest number of trainers per members. However most of them take personal training. Gold also trains aspiring instructors in theoretical as well as practical training exercises. The degree is highly sought after in India and a must for any gym instructor. Instructors in Gold Gym start with a blue shirt and graduate to a red shirt while the highest accolade is given to a black t-shirt which is worn by the most senior instructor in terms of experience and muscular definition. The pic above includes some of the trainers in Gold Gym.

The core gym area is very spacious and has two rooms. On the side there are number of cardio equipment like cross trainer, cardio running machines, stepper etc. while one of the side room has spinning cycles.

IMG_20151020_115613Some of the trainers are the very best in India and the gym attracts the best from around Pune. The yearly membership includes core gym training, spinning sessions, yoga, aerobics and membership to the pool (Side pic of swimming pool and the rock climbing slab).

The gym has an exclusive nutritionist and does various special activities and promotions all the year.  Typically if you walk into the gym do not be surprised to meet beefed up men and some supremely fit women

One of my favorite instructors is Amit with whom I exercise sometimes but I will always remember one of the punch lines of one of the instructors all life.

The Dude: Can I get some help. I am lifting heavy
IMG_20160108_092742_HDRThe Instructor : Sure The Dude: Ok lets Start The Instructor: Come on light weight

The Dude: What that’s the heaviest I can do The Instructor: Come on no problem Light Weight ONE TWO THREE

The Dude: FOUR, FIVE, SIX OK I am tired now

The Instructor: 10 more The Dude: What 8 repetitions is my target


The Instructor:  Light Weight More The Dude: I am tired The Instructor:  Hup Keep at it

I call the instructor light weight and we share a smile every time we meet






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