Me, Myself and The Dude: Saga of Love

imagesThe Dude has returned with blessings from the holy Bodhgaya to begin a new chapter in life. The Dude turns an author and has decided to go into a relationship. The Dude comes out of his celibacy vow: Soon to start the global hunt for The Dudess. The DUDE is ready now and has to find the chosen one. The Dude has certain countries in his mind from his past experience but he is not disclosing them. The hunt has begun. ( pic:

Silhouette of mother kissing child on head

Silhouette of mother kissing child on head

Love is a funny thing. When you start your journey to find your other half, you do not realize that your are the other half. As you deeply introspect yourself, you realize that you only love one person…yourself. Parents love their children because they see a reflection of themselves in their children. True some mothers love their children unconditionally. Source: Pic As long as I is there, everyone is fine. My child, my lover, my wife, my teacher, my Guru and then we work all our lives to try to change the other person according to our believes and dogma. If you look back at history, even disciples have changed the teachings of their spiritual gurus according to their definition which could originate from their experiential or intellectual experience rather than their teacher’s.

Now what is love? The highest form of love is compassion..compassion for all beings irregardless of race, creed and religion. Love is unconditional love…Love is to respect the faults in your partner and accept them as a part of the person. Love is to unconditionally accept the person as it is.
an-tpr-blocks-01Love is Lord Buddha eternal compassion for all beings in 33 planes in this universe… Love is Confucius, Laozi, Jesus, Prophet Mohammad and Guru Nanak who preached universal brotherhood…Love is what Mother Teresa had for all the underprivileged people whom she treated with her hands…Love is Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery…Love is Nelson Mandela who forgave the people who caused him imprisonment…Love is Guru Gobind Singh who sacrificed his and his families lives to defend the honor of people so they could live a judicious life…Love is Nikolai Tesla who dedicated his life to science to help people live a better life…Love is Venerable Xuanzang who traveled and risked his life to find the truth…Love is Mozart who composed some of the greatest symphonies in the world…Love is Leonardo Da Vinci who invented some of the most creative things in the world…Love is Sardar Vallabhai Patel who stopped misguided Indians from killing innocent Muslims in response to killings of Hindus in Pakistan…Love is when this little child caress the head of the bear (Source:

Compassion-Share-ItComing back to love between heterosexuals, scientists have found interesting facts about love after conducting “The Neuroimaging of Love”.  Love releases  euphoria-inducing chemicals such as dopamine, oxytocin, adrenaline and vasopression in brain. The love feeling also affects sophisticated cognitive functions, such as mental representation, metaphors and body image. It takes less than a second to fall in love. So how does this happen? Do you connect with your other half from your past lives. So what happens when you fall in love?

The world suddenly starts feeling different, you feel you are in heaven while you might be actually in hell. So is love an illusion? Does love give you the strength ? Is Love everlasting? Barbara Fredrickson, in her book gives a radical new picture. (Pic

You can read her article here.

So why is Love a force of nature?  What is The Middle Path? To be continued…

Till the lest listen to this song by ABBA from the movie Mama Mia, an all time classic.


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