Mr. Modi and Raveena Tandon…Cheez Badi Mast

namoraveenaIn only two years. Mr Modi and his government has done which the previous government could not in 10 years.

(Side pic Mr. Modi with Raveena Tandon in red saree)

Mr Modi has attracted more FDI in India which not only will create jobs but bring in technological know how in our country.  His government has brought in one rank one pay for all employees of central government which is a landmark initiative in itself. India which was reeling under stagflation ( which is high inflation and low under Congress party achieved a remarkable turn around. Under Mr Modi inflation reduced while India grew at 7.4% the fastest for any major economy. His foreign visits are the most documented for any current international leader while he raised the bar in his official visit with President Obama, President Xi Jinping and David Cameron. Mr. Modi’s China visit is considered the most successful for any government in recent times and if President Xi sent Mr Modi some token from his state visit, goes to show the legacy of Modi’s leadership and business acumen.

Forbes has rated Mr Modi the 9th most powerful man in the world, the first one for an Indian I think in many years.

12265854_762300067234033_6211674118433486923_oHe has changed the face of India. Mr Modi’s government has been pro reform and anti corruption. No wonder Mr Modi gets a rousing reception anywhere he goes is a justification in itself that he has given hope to people not only in India but also abroad. His recent rock star welcome in United Kingdom is one one of the many feather in his cap.

As for his critics I need not say anything more except please watch this video by Raveena Tandon, the ravishing star from Bollywood…

Raveena is not only an accomplished actress with abundant talent and stunning good looks but also a speaker par excellence with a very logical mind. She is truly a great Indian and cheez badi mast (one of her hit Bollywood songs)

I think it will be correct to say that Raveena is a national treasure. Not because she supported Mr Modi but she spoke the truth and had the guts to do so in media. A women ultimately set  rolling…Fantastic!!! Bravo!!!

Raveena its time you look for a career in politics… You will do great… 

I think Mr. Modi need not reply to any of his critics although he could take some welcome suggestions on improvement since no one is perfect. Mr Modi just carry on…You are doing great except one or two things which will come to at a later date. Just keep going…The whole world is with you…

Thanks to Mr Modi, his government and Raveena…Much Appreciated & Deeply Obliged   

To answer the question. Is India an intolerant nation? No we are very tolerant…tolerant to corruption, nonsense, caste politics and hypocrisy.