Whose got talent ? Baby’s Day Out

Watch this incredible video. Russians just innovated and did incredible yoga as a dance routine. That is unbelievable flexibility. Yoga is rising

Watch the next video. Ukraine Got Talent. The little angel stuns everyone with her belly dance routine and steals everyone’s heart.

How can Chinese be left behind. In the next video little Han comes out with his Kung Fu style dance which floors everyone including the great Jet Li. ( The man who filled Bruce Lee’s shoes). It seems he has come straight out of shaolin temple. Incredibly cute and talented.

How can American be left behind when Russians and Chinese are taking all the limelight. They come out to support Ukraine with little Obama who enters the stage with all the exuberance which Americans are known for.The kid comes with a two in one package of dance and song.

Britain `not to be left send one of the cutest little doll with an angelic smile who can teach a thing or two to Shakira. After-all they are known for their creativity. So Amanda what do you say. Oh Well.

And Then comes the little Indian master in classic Hindustani style bowing down and touching the feet of judges. Nice to see Sallu Bhai (Salman Khan) also among the judges. The little wonder then stuns everyone with his customized Michael Jackson routine backed by fantastic special effects. Good India is truly rising.

So who has got the talent? Little Russian Yogis or the little belly queen  or the angelic little Shakira…Will it be the little majestic Han or the little Indian maestro…and and and the Oscar goes to to to Evian…

What you do not believe me. Ok check out Gangnam Style

The winners will always be babies…So married dudes why are you wasting your time watching these videos…Go and make one…



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