Shirdi Sai Baba..Two Little Angels: An Update & Message For All

1538688_662181860591559_4383902161859061392_nYesterday myself and Suprabha (from Maher India)  went to Shirdi to find the two angels so we could rehabilitate them in Maher. We tried out best but could not find them. However we got some information about them and will share a full article on our efforts. I feel deeply sorry about our misfortune but I have made pledge to find them. Please read my previous article about them

This article will discuss our efforts in locating the two little girls. To begin I got delayed for my trip to Shirdi for two reasons. On my return from my previous trip from Shirdi, I contacted Maher India but at that point Sister Lucy was travelling and I had to wait for her return. In the meantime I traveled to Bodhgaya for a short trip but stayed for a fortnight. I got sick while I was in Bodhgaya and it took about a week to recover so the trip got a bit delayed.

Myself and Suprabha traveled to Shirdi by bus and it takes about 4 hours to reach Shirdi from Pune. Once we reached there we went to the spot where I had spotted the two girls. We went around the Shirdi temple at various points to locate the two kids and their mother. In the meantime, I realized it was prudent that we meet the police and inform about our endeavor to state our intention in locating the two girls. We had to rely on the above photo and the quality of the photo was not good. One of the shopkeepers recognized the girls but did not know about the origins of the two girls and did not have much information. IMG_20151124_134904_HDR

IMG_20151124_142206_HDRWe met the sub inspector of police and appraised her about our intention and wondered if they could help us. The lady told very specifically that she would not be able to provide any reinforcements for help. She explained the procedure for rehabilitating the two kids which Suprabha was well versed and informed about. The lady cop was polite, we thanked her and parted ways.

Suprabha informed me that the best way to help homeless or underprivileged people, would be to call the social online number provided by government for help. I was not aware of this information and want to share with everyone. The toll free number for reaching  local authorities is local code and then dial 1098.

For Pune it would be 020-1098 with 020 the local code for Pune while it would be 022-1098 for Mumbai. 

We realized there were so many beggars around Shirdi much more than I had anticipated. I felt demoralized and frustrated when I was unable to locate the two angels but I deeply thank Suprabha who kept on motivating me and in many instances took initiative in designing our itinerary around the temple. She spoke fluent Marathi and therefore was better communicate with locals. We had started as a team of Batman and Robin with myself as Batman and Suprabha as Robin but as the time progressed Suprabha took the role of Batman and I became her sidekick Robin. I am deeply impressed by Suprabha and understood she has dedicated her life in helping underprivileged women and children in Maher, India. India and The Dude salutes people like her who dedicate their life to help humanity.

IMG_20151124_154722_HDRAs we went around the temple, we met many beggars and donated food. Suprabha was very thoughtful and had cooked a lot food with the aim of distributing among the beggars. I bought some fruits and distributed among many kids. This time I followed the Middle Path and did not excessively donate. I only donate money to handicapped people and some very elderly people while distributed fruits among the kids. Its never a good idea to donate money to healthy individuals or small kids since it encourages begging as a profession. I always donate food to kids or buy artifacts from them so they make some money.  

IMG_20151124_171534_HDRWe came to know that the girls might be living in a slum near by the temple and decided to venture there. I had traveled many times to Shirdi but did not know that a slum existed not far from the temple. We realized when we reached there that the slum was much bigger than we had thought and finding the girls would be like finding a pin in haystack. See I can read, write and talk English…I am so smart…I took a small video of the slum but have decided not to post it here since it might hurt the sentiments of some people. We meet some people in the side pic who took my number and tried to help us. We came back to the temple and again started circling the temple to locate the little girls along wit their mother. At the fag end of the day we meet someone who recognized the girls, their hometown and we exchanged numbers. We also visited the temple and sat outside the main temple in deeply contemplation, mindfulness and self awareness. At about 6.30 pm we realsied it was futile to search and decided to head back home. I was feeling terrible and despondent but Suprabha tried to encourage by taking the photo of two little kids and circulating among peers in NGO whom she thought might help. In the end I felt I should have tried a lot more or maybe I did not think it through. However my efforts  are far from over and I will continue my endeavor until I have the two little girls rehabilitated. I personally reach out to anyone who could help me in my endeavor and I shall be forever obliged. My number is +91-7030731513 and my mail is and please feel free to reach at anytime. I know there are some people who will use my number to play around or try to give misleading information…Don’t even think about it…I dare you…

I am deeply indebted to Maher, India, Sister Lucy and Suprabha was assisting in my endeavor and truly feel grateful to them. I have requested Suprabha if I could help the children in their studies especially in Mathematics and plan to weekly tutor them.

Some important details we came to know from our recent trip to Shirdi are listed below. 

IMG_20151124_170558_HDRThere is No NGO in Shirdi and the closest one is in Ahmednagar. There are many children like the two angels who come from around neighboring towns from very improvised families. These kids should be in schools so they can lead a good life when they grow up. Shirdi foundation has a lot of money and I am sure they must be doing lot of charity work but much more needs to be done.

If Sai Baba came down from heaven for sometime, he would like all these little children as well as underprivileged people to be taken care of. Sai Baba all his life dedicated to help humanity irregardless of their religion and spread universal brotherhood. Sai Baba would love if the donations in his name were used to open homes to rehabilitate these people? Please correct me if I am wrong in my understanding. (There are free schools but no homes which rehabilitates and empowers needy people). Also it would help if the donated money could be used to clean the infrastructure around Shirdi.  Maybe a big NGO should think of opening a branch in Shirdi ? This will surely help so many of the underprivileged children who come to Shirdi and live in slums.

To wrap up I want to share an anecdote which a person discussed with me when I was travelling to Bihar. He was returning from a foreign country where many Indians go for work. He mentioned that there have been many new regulations passed by Modi’s government so there could be less exploitation of blue collared workers abroad. Sushma Swaraj, the current external minister of affairs has enacted many initiatives for the welfare of Indian women and her effort is Much Appreciated and I as an Indian feel Highly Obliged and Eternally Grateful. Keep it up Bravo to all…sushma-arun_story_650_022214110104He told me that ever since Mr Modi had become the Prime Minister, Indians have a lot of respect abroad since everyone knows that they could no longer get away by harassing Indian men or women. Mr Modi’s government has some great intellectuals & humanitarians like Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitely ( side pic) to name a few. Further more Mr Modi has backing of some great stalwarts from other parties chief among them N. Chandrababu Naidu, the tech savvy man who changed the face of Andhra Pradesh through his technological initiatives. The reason for Mr Modi’s popularity is that he is like a father figure in India, a brother for all the Indian women, Indian women know Mr. Modi and his government will defend their virtue. Many Blue collared Indians who are exploited have hope now because the world knows that Mr Modi…Will come…Come out riding on a horse..The new cowboy in town…A Nonsense Man…Who will say…I dare you if you exploit any Indian especially women…Is it fair to say that Mr Modi is Sardar Narendra Modi...Maybe it is still long way to go  since Sardar Vallabhai Patel was truly the greatest statesman India has ever seen who united India and of-course another one is Subhash Chandra Bose. But it seems if Mr Modi keeps going on he certainly will have the credentials to be addressed as Sardar. Some people claim India is intolerant nation? Should I laugh or cry. Please read about certain initiatives taken by Mr. Modi’s government. The below mentioned news is something I discovered when I googled to verify the claims of the person and should not be taken as subjective to certain countries. Just to highlight some initiatives which people appreciate in India.

India is too tolerant…has been tolerant to an extend of apathy to exploitation of its own people. To wrap up it surely will help if Mr Modi could reign in some of the extreme politicians in BJP who have a habit of shouting too much which hurts the image of the party. Its time Indian media takes cognizance of its own actions including some celebrities.

The Middle Path is the best path and maybe its time Mr Modi to address the nation to stop all the nonsense which is prevailing and stay focused on the issue at hand WHEREIN Mr. Modi and his government have excelledReforms, Attracting FDI, Social, Economic and Scientific progress. 

In the end Mr. Modi, Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, N. Chandrababu Naidu are patriots. We have been divided for a very long time, its time to remain focused and united…Also BJP should investigate the source of recent social chaos in depth. Seems like a conspiracy against the government.

This will be my last article on Indian politics since I am very busy & tired like many Indians out there.

I hope many of you must have heard this quote.

United we stand, divided we fall.

The effort to rehabilitate the two angels will continue from my end and I hope some of you will help me in my endeavor. Peace to all.




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