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One for Chennai

Courageous people help a family caught up in the deluge in Chennai. Thanks to Mr P K Dhar for sharing the video on Facebook. In this video people come together to risk their lives to help and are real hero’s. Please share this video with everyone. The link is uploaded on Facebook so I am not sure if you can check this one. https://www.facebook.com/100006316771939/videos/1670518969835313/?pnref=story

Got a video from YouTube where many people run to save a man. This is an inspiring video for the courage, presence of mind and team work shown by people as they rescue the motorist. I remember I had myself got stuck in the highly published flood in Mumbai in 2007 and had to walk back home for 13 hrs to my residence in Andheri Lokhandwala from Parel. I had gone out on a business visit with a colleague of mine and was wearing a suit. I will never forget that day and the chaos it caused around Mumbai.  In those days I was working for an Indian bank and the office clerk in my office lost his life. I can deeply empathize with people in Chennai especially due to my personal experience. It is during these trying times that true test of courage, endurance and humanity bounds everyone together. Lets give our wishes and blessings to people in Chennai.

Very good video to explain the cause behind Chennai floods.

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