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VIT & IEEE Conference …Innovation at its best

IMG_20151218_125201_HDRVishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune is hosting IEEE the “International Conference on Information Processing (ICIP)” in Pune. VIT was my alma mater in undergraduate degree and is rated one of the top ten private colleges in India. Erstwhile part of Pune University and one of the best engineering colleges in western part of India.The College has made great strides in the last few years. It has 9 under graduate, 8 post-graduate & 6 PhD pprograms and was selected under the world bank project TEQIP Phase- I (Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme) by Ministry of HRD, New Delhi.The institute became autonomous in 2008-2009

IMG_20151218_140207_HDRIEEE is the world’s largest association of technical professionals with about 400000 members in chapters around the world and its core mission is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. VIT is renowned around India for its strength in research & faculty in electronics engineering. The Electronics Department is headed by Dr Prof Abhay (inset pic) while Prof Siddharth Jabade (PhD, IIT Mumbai) is heading alumni & international relations. Both have played an instrumental role in developing VIT while Prof M J Khirjekar is an imminent professor & senior member of IEEE in Pune.

IMG_20151218_143244_HDRIt was refreshing journey back in time for the dude today. Met my old classmate Milind Kamble ( in pic) who is a now a Professor and teaches mother of all subjects Electromagnetism.  Also met few professors who had taught me while studying at VIT.

Personally DUDE lost so much while studying in VIT. A serious accident in second year had devastated me wherein lost my friend while seriously injuring myself, furthermore lost my project partner & another friend in fourth year of engineering. Series of set backs in my personal life had emotionally drained me along with family and the journey back home was a road less tarvelled at that point in time.

Somebody had once said you cannot fathom the importance of standing on the highest of the peaks if you have not been in the deepest of the valleys. I guess it was Richard Nixon.

The VIT IEEE conference is one of the major technical conferences held nationally. The conference attracts some of the best known people from technology academia globally as keynote speakers while students from Indian and abroad compete in the competition.This year for the competition, VIT received about 800 technical papers with 164 officially accepted with an acceptance rate of 20%.

The seminar has some of the best known personalities from industry and academia.

The three day seminar had the following keynote speakers

Dr PC Pandey from (IIT, Bombay), Dr Louis Hornyak Director Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology and  Dr Mohan Head Solution at L&T Infotech

IMG_20151218_122819_HDRI had a wonderful opportunity to attend Dr Louis Hornyak’s presentation ( inset). Dr Louis Hornyak is one of the world’s leading authorities in Nanotechnology having written many illustrious books on the subject. With PhD from Colorado State University, Dr Louis’s career spanned from aerospace to frontiers of cutting edge Nanotechnology. He is currently Director Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology at the esteemed Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand and teaches an elective in the final year in VIT in Nanotechnology. This is remarkable since Nanotechnology as a subject is offered in only a few institutes in India as an undergraduate degree.

Life at the end of the curve: Future of Nanotechnology 

Dr Louis Hornyak’s presentation was very enlightening to get a perspective on the future of Nanotechnology and how nanotechnology would change the future of technology. Dr Louis succulently explained to me how Moore’s law will no longer hold true considering the minute sizes of the chips and how the laws of classical physics fail at quantum level…It was one of my greatest privileges to speak with Dr Louis who spoke about his experience with VIT, future of Nanotechnology, Indian culture and a VERY IMPORTANT message for all the aspiring engineers out there from the Master himself …Must watch video for all…

Gordon Moore had predicted that that the number of  transistors ( not to be confused with the transistor on which our parents and grandparents heard music and news haha…my young age disappeared in deciphering the laws of npn or pnp transistors) in a dense integrated circuit would double approximately every two years did hold true until recently. Going forward Moore’s law is going to expire within the next few years.

Hey Dude What’s Nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology  is the science and technology of small things of things that are less than 100nm in size. One nanometer is 10-9 meters or about 3.5 atoms long. Nanotechnology is the science of engineering systems at the molecular scale or you might likely say at QUANTUM levels.

In the parlance of technological world Nano means a billionth of a meter.

Hey Dude what are you saying..How do we compare that in real life

Dude:  Smiles…Check this out for a fact

A human hair is around 75 microns (abbreviated 75μm) or 75,000nm (nanometers) in diameter.  The relationship between a nanometer and that hair is similar to the relationship between one mile and an inch – one mile is 63,360 inches.  A human red blood cell is 6,000-8,000nm across, and the Ebola virus is about 1,500nm long and 50nm wide. Source:

Wow..That’s fantastic…Amazing how technology is evolving… Thanks Dude but need to read a bit more on this…Will Google it…   

IMG_20151218_144011_HDRIt was interesting to talk to some of the participants in the seminar. The confidence, panache and focus of youngsters is marvelous and personally marvel at the intelligence and entrepreneurship outlook of the students today. Maybe its the Modi effect but India is rising and innovating….

The IEEE Team has a separate room with a library to help contestants in their research work. The tree symbolizes the creativity which all the contestants and volunteers put in for the event. Lets watch what the volunteers had to say

New Kids On The Block 

Lets look what the techno savvy students who participated in the competition have to say…

Interesting take on a student submitting a paper on Vedic mathematics


Inset a very intelligent student who gave a wonderful presentation on a  subject which dude couldn’t comprehend fully. What Dude…Well it’s been a long time and dude was never known for electronics know how…Ok Dude No Worries I still love you, respect you, admire you and can die for you…Dude smiles…

VIT has also started its own incubator cell which will fund and connect silicon angel investors to help in funding entrepreneurship ideas of students. This is very welcome move considering the depth of VIT’s alumni around the world especially in United States. One great legacy of United States is the loyalty its students have for their Alma Mater which is missing from my experience in Asian culture. It’s time we replicate admirable qualities which Americans are known for i.e. Technology, Research & Academia and Philanthropy.

VIT is organizing its biggest alum gathering,unprecedented in its history.

IMG_20151218_145933_HDROne way VIT’s alum can do their bit is to give back to its Alma Mater capital as well as assist institute in its endeavor to build a research and technological powerhouse. VIT is doing its part, its time all the alums came together to do their part. This message is for all the people especially Asians out there to look how they can contribute & give back to their respective education institutes.

If the dude now was to meet his younger self from VIT days, he would hug him and say everything will be ok…this too will pass…this too will pass…

To be continued…The Quintessential Dude rests now…



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