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27213E8100000578-3017594-The_personal_details_of_31_world_leaders_including_Barack_Obama_-a-3_1427714905118This article looks at some of the humanitarian initiatives taken by some prominent global leaders in the last year or so.  The idea about this piece came when The Dude read The Economic Times today wherein the top 7 popular leaders were listed according to Gallup poll. President Obama of course tops the list not surprisingly with our very own Mr Modi among the top 10, a great achievement for any Indian leader at a global level. 

Mr Modi ” Innovative Dude” is the seventh most popular man in the world according to an article published in Economic Times today. Personally this did not come as a surprises looking at the Economic, Innovative & Entrepreneurship awakening in our country especially in last few years ever since he has come to power. He should have been ranked higher than 7th position and definitely inimages top 5. One of the best personal innovation done by Mr Modi is that he leveraged technology to reach out to masses. Not only he effectively used Twitter but also other forms of media like Facebook. Mr Modi’s digital India will help millions of people while his personal emphasis to hygiene with regards to sanitary outlets is one of the most well thought idea which is so beneficial to the common man. Bill Gates foundation (The Humanitarian Dude) has personally donated to the initiative is an endorsement from one of the smartest humanitarianism of modern era. Recently his meeting with Mark Zuckerberg “Great Dude”, my latest hero and Mark’s personal endorsement of Mr. Modi, is a testimonial of the legacy Mr Modi and his government has already carved out worldwide (in a bit more than 2 years) especially in Silicon Valley.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) and US President Barack Obama wave prior to a meeting in New Delhi on January 25, 2015. US President Barack Obama held talks January 25 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the start of a three-day India visit aimed at consolidating increasingly close ties between the world's two largest democracies. AFP PHOTO/ PRAKASH SINGH (Photo credit should read PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images)

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi (R) and US President Barack Obama wave prior to a meeting in New Delhi on January 25, 2015. US President Barack Obama held talks January 25 with Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the start of a three-day India visit aimed at consolidating increasingly close ties between the world’s two largest democracies. AFP PHOTO/ PRAKASH SINGH (Photo credit should read PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images)

Sadly Indian media played a huge part in giving negative publicity to their own leader… Guess why because he is instrumental in getting FDI in India, making India stand out worldwide by fostering great relationship with countries around the world, reigniting Entrepreneurship spirit among Indians, connecting with spiritual roots of country known rightly as Bharat and generating millions of job. Mr Modi and his team especially Sushma Suraj, Arun Jaitley and Suresh Prabhu among others have been outstanding in their endeavor…India is always shining when BJP comes to power…During its previous stint, BJP had done a great job in rolling out infrastructure projects among other landmark initiatives.

Mr Modi stood out for his humanitarian efforts. Just minutes after earthquake in Nepal, Indian government via the Indian Armed Forces, initiated Operation Maitri (English: Operation Amity), a humanitarian mission with the primary objective of conducting relief and rescue operations in Nepal. (Source: Wikipedia). The quick response is unprecedented in Indian history. Recently Modi’s government implemented the long pending pension equity among retired central government personnel ( One rank one pay). Mr Modi has stood out for his efforts in helping society considering he preferred to live as a bachelor ( although he was briefly married..a big sacrifice) so he could be more dedicated to social causes. India and the world appreciates and endorses Mr Modi and his team and he makes in the top 5 most influential leaders in the world…

n-election-a-20141110-870x638Mr Modi and Mr Abe are bringing the best of technology to build high speed train system between Mumbai and Ahmadabad…This is not only fabulous but very thoughtful considering India Japanese long term relations and cross cultural influence over past centuries. Mr Abe and his wife “Charming Dude/ Dudess” have done great work in empowering women in Japan. This has been a landmark achievement considering some issues needed to be addressed wherein Mrs Abe played an instrumental role in reforming policies. Above pic (Mr and Mrs Abe Source: Mrs Abe no wonder has done a lot good to forward Mr Abe’s legacy in promoting goodness and reforms especially focused in women empowerment. This is well appreciated. Japan has been ahead of the curve in Nuclear Non Proliferation Mandate in the world and in report published by Minster of Foreign Affairs states that “Japan is also working to strengthen and improve the efficiency of safeguards by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which is at the center of the nuclear non-proliferation regime “. The report further highlights the reason for its early entry into Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty (CTBT)  “One of the reasons that Japan has pursued disarmament and non-proliferation as a pillar of its diplomatic policy is its strong desire to maintain world peace. After the Second World War, Japan chose to become a pacifist nation as a result of its strong resolve to avoid repeating the horrors of war. These ideals are enshrined in the Constitution of Japan”. This is one of the foremost efforts by any country to develop peace among nations which is a great achievement for any country and should be highly appreciated. For a more comprehensive view refer to this report

I had written this fantastic report for peace in Asia Pacific

download (4)Lot of credit also goes to a great spiritualist; an exemplary women in looks, talent and courage…Ikumi Yoshimatsu. Ikumi Yoshimatsu was crowned Miss International 2012 in Okinawa, Japan, is a leading actress and social activist. She stood out for her courage in bringing out concerns with regards to intimation and mafia connection in the media industry in Japan. She is foremost among global celebrities highlighting plight of women in fashion world. Pic source Inspiring video of Ikumi Yoshimatsu…She inspired me… This is not only story of Japan but of all women especially in fashion industry to certain extent.

Isn’t she stunning and adorable. Ikumi undoubtedly is one of the shining oriental beauties, a hallmark of humanitarian and Dudess. She was helped in her endeavor by none other than Akie Abe (wife of Mr Abe) who identified with Ikumi’s trauma and took measures to rectify the problem. The Dude salutes both of them for their initiative, courage and forth Highly Obliged and Deeply Appreciate.  On a lighter note, Ikumi, The Quintessential Dude is following you on Twitter, so please do tweet more often in English…For more global fans…Please let me know when you visit India..

Preity-ZintaComing back to Mafia connection, our own Bollywood had a deep rooted connection with the underworld at one point of time. And again a women of exemplary talent, looks and character rose to defy all laws of gravity which prevail in India when she spoke out about Mafia connection in Bollywood…Preity Zinta 

Isn’t she stunning and adorable. A well known actress known for her two dimples, she had setbacks in her personal life but she never gave up and came back again and again She is also a big fan of cricket and a Dudess. This is not to take credit away from other actresses like Lisa Ray, Raveen Tandon and Gul Palang who are great actresses, spiritualists and humanitarians to name a few…( All of them are Dudesses)

20150455221feb94f03Coming back to the list of popular leaders President Obama tops the list is no surprise. Lets take a quick look at his legacy…When President Obama was elected as the President of United States of America, US has amidst of the greatest recessions of all time with a troubled past due to needless wars done by his predecessor. President Obama “ The Handsome Dude” came on the promise of change…a change for the better and he has delivered in lot of his promises. He stood for his efforts in promoting peace globally by reducing America’s involvement in wars, promoting a very holistic reform in Obamacare (a far reaching out socialist reform to bring affordable reform among the masses), continued effort in fostering innovation in Silicon Valley, generate jobs ( jobless rate is about 5%) backed by a very strong family values. Obama an imminent lawyer, already had a good track record of a great implementer as a politician and is a par excellence orator. He was so instrumental in empathizing with people in Middle East and implementing a more amicable foreign policy for the betterment of mankind. Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the sequester after a meeting with congressional leaders at the White House in Washington March 1, 2013. Obama pressed the U.S. Congress on Friday to avoid a government shutdown when federal spending authority runs out on March 27, saying it is the "right thing to do." REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque (UNITED STATES - Tags: BUSINESS POLITICS)

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the sequester after a meeting with congressional leaders at the White House in Washington March 1, 2013. Obama pressed the U.S. Congress on Friday to avoid a government shutdown when federal spending authority runs out on March 27, saying it is the “right thing to do.”

stood for many humanitarian causes including his initiative in removing poverty, climate change and removing racial inequality. He wanted to help Syrian refuges by increasing immigration quota which was blocked by senate. Goes to show misguided some politicians are in US. No wonder, Obama might not have been the perfect President but then hey its not a perfect world. Obama cannot be blamed for excessive QE considering he is a lawyer and his economic advisers could have played an influential role in guiding him on this policy. This has been corrected considering Janet Yellen increased the FED rate recently while drone attacks to fight terrorism have become almost non existent. ( Good it has been corrected considering it is a misfire from Obama administration). One of the greatest legacy of President Obama and his administration is  New START Treaty which United Sates and Russia signed in 2010. “New START provides the parties with 7 years to reduce their forces, and will remain in force for a total of 10 years. It limits each side to no more than 800 deployed and non-deployed land-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) and submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) launchers and deployed and non-deployed heavy bombers equipped to carry nuclear armaments” Ref: This was a landmark deal and a huge step for mankind considering it played a decisive role in Non Proliferation of Nuclear Armaments which was a huge policy shift over the previous administration.

To sum up, President Obama is a fantastic man…a spiritualist and humanitarian…talented, handsome, polite, ethical who came and resurrected legacy of America as a great nation. A man of great character with a charming first lady and two beautiful kids. Its sad his presidential term is coming to an end and it would have been better if he could continue as  a President not only for America but humanity as well. He has been America’s best President over the last 50 years for sure and hopefully America will continue peaceful foreign policy going forward.

-- ML__4502Angela Merkel, notable for largesse of safeguarding and inviting Syrian refugees, is truly a global leader.Her benevolent deed not only cemented her legacy as a humanitarian par excellence but also changed German legacy. ( Please refer to Angela Merkel article in the archives). On the flip side, there are some concerns of so many refugees coming up too soon which would even out in the longer term. Maybe Angela was not very exemplary in handling Euro crises but then no one is perfect. As one of the most influential leaders she was instrumental in making Germany great again in many ways including honing good relations with many countries and taking it to another level with many others. She has played a decisive role in holding the European Union together. She makes it to the top list as “ Angelic Dudess”. Angela exemplifies Christianity for Jesus is a paragon of Compassion for all humans. According to a report today the safest place for Jews in Europe is Germany highlights the decisive role played by Angela in generating compassion and brotherhood.

274270-modi1.jpg700Now lets come to another very important person whose presence has been felt in all corners of the world. President Xi Jinping “The Ethical Dude”. President Xi has stood out in recent times for his exemplary ethical values which has driven him to crackdown corruption, be proactive in reforms and connect with the spiritual roots of Ancient China. He has in many ways made communist party popular abroad considering even President Obama deeply respects efforts made by President Xi in fighting corruption, a testimonial to his existing legacy. He has been ahead of the curve in bringing culprits to justice who might have abused their authority at one point of time in a humane kind of manner. His personal story is also inspiring including his grand plans in developing and reforming China.Under his leadership, China has decided to set up a United Nations permanent peacekeeping force of 8,000 troops and provide $100 million to the African Union to create an immediate response unit capable of responding to emergencies. Notable shift in policy. (Source: nytimes). President Xi has also pledged USD 2bn to fight global poverty which is highly holistic and noble gesture (Pic below Source: . This is a welcome move and much appreciated. Due credit must be given to President Xi. President Xi and Premier Li have also stood out in their endeavor to reform equity markets (The recent turmoil in equity markets was all hyped up by media considering media prime purpose nowadays is to spread anxiety…Read my legendary take on the upheaval in Curious Case of Chinese Equity Markets here in archives). This report made me overnight sensation worldwide and would eventually lead to starting this blog. Mr Xi is spiritual & family oriented person; he respects Sage Confucius; Mr Xi is married to a very popular folk singer and has a daughter. His daughter studied in Harvard University and kept a very low profile, shows the wisdom of 6807512-3x2-340x227Mr Xi backed by his humble roots. President Xi Jinping makes into the top 5 for his exemplary character, humanitarianism initiatives, leadership skills and deep spiritual connection. On the other hand, hopefully China will take cognizance of its great culture, past heritage and have a more holistic view of its relationship with neighbors. After-all it was Sage Confucius from China who deeply advocated the concept of Diplomacy. 

download (3)Another Dude who made it to the top list is the reinvented Mr. Putin “Reinvented Dude“. He resurrection is highly correlated with oil prices. As oil prices went down, Putin reinvented himself as a world leader. To be fair to Mr. Putin, he stood out in recent times as a decisive leader in tackling terrorism. An ex KGB personal, Putin is known for strength, his expertise in martial arts and at one point stabilizing Russia especially after he took over from Yeltsin. My two cents here, Russia is a great land which over the past century stood out for their innovation, discipline, human endurance ( Andrei Popov) apart from other things. No point in highlighting many things of the past but the recent popularity of Putin is of course for his divisiveness in handling Syrian and Iraq crises. He was also forthcoming in his analysis when he mentioned that media was not right in dividing Obama and himself over the Syrian crises, very honest in his opinion and The Dude appreciates honesty. Both Obama and Putin will be at logger heads, considering Obama will always be his archival since Obama is heading the most powerful democracy and country in the world while Putin is heading at best an authoritarian regime. Both nations have the biggest arsenal of nuclear weapons and START Treaty has played a key role in reducing Non Proliferation of Nuclear Armaments worldwide as already highlighted. (Commendable to both leaders) Some of the comments about Obama are not correct considering Obama is a great person and feel deeply hurt. But hey no worries lets move on. Putin is right on certain issues, but violence has never been the right solution. It is the downloadlast resort which might be only required to counter terrorism when all other options have been exhausted. Putin could have been more holistic in his approach towards Ukraine. There are so many other means to put across your point and if you are right the world will listen whether the regime is a democracy, communist, a highly evolved socialist economy or an authoritarian. The best way to progress is to build a great peaceful relationship especially with your neighbors. Russians have always invented and innovative, a country which not only produced so many imminent scientists, mathematicians but also literary giants like Leo Tolstoy, will always reinvent. Mr Putin, Russia’s greatest resource is not natural gas or oil but the fantastic talented people after all Russians were the first into space and moon (Sergei Korolev, Luna 2) and played a fundamental role in the recent innovation in Wall Street (Jobless scientists when erstwhile Soviet Union fell)…Nurture them, innovate, live in peace and you will rise to greatness which even Karl MARX will bow down…Mr Putin for his recent leadership qualities since they have far reaching humanitarian benefits also makes into the top 5 list of global leaders. He also has become very creative with one liners and would like to meet the person who has been writing the stuff for him…In case its Putin himself, his ranking will improve by a point upwards.

David-Cameron-and-family-007David Cameroon makes into the top five list. David is married to royalty so that is big in Britain. Britain’s economy did well under his leadership and his efforts to show solidarity with France in the wake of terrorists attacks as well as efforts to fight terrorism is highly appreciated. The recent bilateral trade triumph between Britain and India is surely a feather in his cap (including Mr Modi and his government) as well as his effort to nurture entrepreneurship talent between the two countries. So many Indians have settled and added so much value in Britain, it was time Britain took relationship with India to another level. Lets name David as “The Royal Dude” Pic: One thing is certain, Britain truly is the most multi-cultured country in the world.

President John and Lordina MahamaJohn Dramani Mahama, ” The Scholarly Dude”  President of Ghana, a scholar and author, is considered widely as the most learned leader in the world. He is known for his natural charisma, affable, down to earth personality and sterling leadership qualities, he is arguably the first Ghanaian leader to have served at all levels of political office (Ghanaian and Pan-African MP, Deputy Minister, Minister, Vice-President and President). He received an honorary doctorate in the field of Public Administration, by the Ekiti State University of Nigeria, formally known as the Obafemi Awolowo University in “recognition of his politico-socio economic development of Ghana and Africa at various stages of his political career.” Source: He played a pivot role in bringing about awareness about Ebola virus and its advocacy in UN. He is the first leader to personally visited Ebola infected areas, thus bringing about a paradigm shift in perception towards isolation of Ebola. One of the most followed leaders in Africa on social network, he is married with seven kids. ( Refer also

The list published by Gallup survey for ORB international World leaders also includes Francois Hollande, Hassan Rouhani among the top ten to name a notable few.

The Dude has composed a list of top 5 most influential leaders.

  • Barack Obama
  • Angela Merkel
  • Xi Jinping
  • Vladimir Putin 
  • Narendra Modi/ David Cameroon/ John Dramani Mahama /Shinzō Abe with Akie Abe  

Rookie of the year 

  • Justin Trudeau 

The list of the top leaders takes into account the performance of political leaders who stood out in the past year, especially in the past few months for their courage, pro reform policies especially in helping humanity, bringing peace and economic progress. Weight-age sadly is also given to military might since that is driving global peace today. We live in sad times. Points have been allocated to creativity, use of technology and visionary skills. Many of you might not agree with the list but have tried to be unbiased although many leaders have been left out due to my own limited knowledge on many issues. Going further the leaders included in the list have been heads of state which means heads of their respective countries.

Leaders of Scandinavian countries have been outright winners anyways and will be looked at in depth separately sometime later. ( in terms of gender equality, access to free quality education, quality of life, social values in life). Also leaders in African countries need to be looked in detail. A concise list including celebrities with global influence might be released sometime in near future.
Perpetual leaders in Humanitarianism  

Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway) (In terms of gender equality, access to free quality higher education, quality of life, social values etc). If nature gave you a choice of birth..this is where you should be born…In my very humble opinion…But then you do not have the choice…Do you…So make the best of your life…To have a better probability of noble birth in your next life just in case you are not able to reach heaven…Do good deeds…Live in the present…AND BE MINDFUL..OF YOUR THOUGHTS…THOUGHTS LEAD TO ACTIONS…ACTIONS ALWAYS HAVE CONSEQUENCES…       

Disclaimer: My assessment on some issues is limited to reports published on internet but do hope that good work will continue forward…

The Quintessential Dude 

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