Peaceful 2016: Message from The Poona School & Home For The Blind Trust


Lets hope and work towards a peaceful and insightful 2016. We certainly cannot control many things which happen in life, but we can control a lot of things within ourselves and HELP in whatever small manner people who are around us.


With my students who are visually impaired and underprivileged in life at The Poona School & Home For The Blind Trust. Took sometime out with them today especially to share this video sharing message of love and peace.

IMG_20151226_175457_HDRStarting 2016, need to spend more time with these kids. Will innovate my teaching and implement some more creative techniques which can help them understand and grasp English speaking skills better.

2015 would certainty be a year which would be remembered for all the wrong reasons…prime among them of-course terrorism…


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