Month: March 2016

Global Humanitarianism and India’s Philanthropic Ecosystem

Over the last few years global philanthropy is on a rise, primarily due to the initiative taken by Bill and MELINDA Foundation. They played a fundamental role in increasing awareness on humanitarian and social issues which in many ways set the benchmark for global philanthropy while Chan Zuckerberg Initiative a game changer. Still the poverty and inequity is rising in the world. Continue reading “Global Humanitarianism and India’s Philanthropic Ecosystem”

Sister Lucy Kurien to be felicitated with Nari Shakti Award

Sister Lucy Kurien, founder of Maher India will be awarded The Nari Shakti National Award 2015 on 8 March at Rashtrapathi Bhavan, New Delhi by President of India.

I have covered Maher in many articles here on my blog and contribution of Sister Lucy and team Maher are well appreciated and respected. Its great that Indian government has finally recognized her tireless humanitarian efforts. We need more women like Sister Lucy in our great country.

Why 2015 belongs to Priscilla Chan, America and Philanthropy…

maxresdefaultAbout 35 Years Back somewhere near United States Coastal Region 

A small boat was rocking as it made its way towards shores of the promised land…America. A huge storm was blowing with heavy downpour lashing across the boat. Tucked under on the side of the boat were a couple of Vietnamese refugees of Chinese origin who had bravely endured the journey for many days. It had been a few days since they had eaten anything. They held their hands together in vivid apprehension…of their future in the new country and held their hands together in hope…hope for a better future…a future they wanted to build together…little did they know that their daughter will not only become immensely successful but would go on to become an icon…A person who would forever change the way we know philanthropic initiatives across the world. She along with her husband will change the lives of many underprivileged people and create history.  Continue reading “Why 2015 belongs to Priscilla Chan, America and Philanthropy…”

Evening time at Poona School

Got to teach at Poona School today. I had missed the kids considering my Yoga Vacation at Sivananada Ashram. Took for the first time a late class at 7.10 pm but the similes on all the kids makes my day. Taught the subtle difference between words like See/ Watch and Observe. Plan to bring some more innovative methods to teach them also known as impactful education.

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