Miss Divya Ulhare aged 12 has a very poorly functioning heart. Her heart function is only 10-15%.The only option for her to survive is by Heart Transplant. She is very poor and will need atleast Rs 8 Lakhs for surgery and medicines. Dr Manoj Durairaj cardiac surgeon is helping her raise money through his charitable trust. Continue reading “THIS GIRL NEEDS HEART TRANSPLANT PLEASE HELP: Sr. Lucy Kurien”

Announcement…Very Important

Hello Everyone

All data has been corrupted on my Laptop due to Cerber Ransomware. A hilarious group which has encrypted all data on my computer and justifies its existence by claiming that its not a virus. The only way to get access to your data is by purchasing their software. I will do a  recovery and restore back my laptop. Continue reading “Announcement…Very Important”

Sivananada Ashram, Yoga, Celebration of Life & Indian Culture

12717911_1703149883263376_3349060973278345082_nConcluding series on Sivananda Ashram. I got interested in Yoga as an Old Vipassana Meditator when I was having breathing issues and many people suggested me to consider Yoga. A fellow Vipassana meditator recommended Sivananda Ashram and thus started my Yoga journey. I write about Yoga because it helped me in my spiritual quest, has helped myself in Meditation (Annapanna), Mindfulness (Vipassana), relaxation, spiritual well being and makes my body supple. Yoga as we progress in article assists you to reach higher meditative states as well as physical harmony. The multidimensional aspect of Sivananda Ashram which is elaborated here. Continue reading “Sivananada Ashram, Yoga, Celebration of Life & Indian Culture”

Sivananda Ashram…A Holistic Experience…The Beginning

IMG_20160209_090817_HDRTo begin with I would like to personally thank everyone in Sivananda Ashram, Kerala for allowing me to take videos of Yoga in the ashram as well as supporting my initiative. I am deeply obliged and eternally grateful.My deep loving kindness to Mr Nataraj, Director of Sivananda Ashram, Swami Janardhan and all the volunteers who selflessly work to make Sivananda Ashram a success. This was my third visit to the ashram and I am very grateful that I started my journey of Yoga from Sivananada Ashram, Neyyar Dam, Kerala. Continue reading “Sivananda Ashram…A Holistic Experience…The Beginning”

Global Humanitarianism and India’s Philanthropic Ecosystem

Over the last few years global philanthropy is on a rise, primarily due to the initiative taken by Bill and MELINDA Foundation. They played a fundamental role in increasing awareness on humanitarian and social issues which in many ways set the benchmark for global philanthropy while Chan Zuckerberg Initiative a game changer. Still the poverty and inequity is rising in the world. Continue reading “Global Humanitarianism and India’s Philanthropic Ecosystem”