Fingerprints Of The God…Book With A Different View

download (1)This is one of the best non fiction books one could read about ancient civilization encompassing lost civilizations, alien intelligence and much more. I had read the book more than a decade back but it left a long lasting impression which still lingers on. Written by Graham Hancock who himself had been an imminent professional journalist, its is a very entertaining read about how culture among many distant ancient civilizations was similar in-spite of huge demographic distances. Over the years many findings have out to be untrue as stated in the book, nevertheless the book comes out with a very persuasive argument about the role played by alien intelligence in propagating civilization on our planet.

The human civilization in this universe as we know about invented only the wheel in 99% of its time in existence but in 1% has come out with technological advances of reaching Mars. The books take on pyramids is fantastic considering the longevity of pyramids is much more than stated otherwise. Many books and documentaries about Pyramids exists but the mapping of the three big pyramids to three stars is one of the most insightful arguments with regards to their genesis. Today latest science especially with respect to water erosion proves that Pyramids existed well before their stated existence since Nile did not flow through the course of pyramids as most archaeologists in Egypt claim pyramids existence. The book discusses ancient civilization from around the world incl. Mayan and similarities and importance in culture of various inscriptions among the vastly deserved civilizations. The book propounds the importance of phi not be confused with pi which is quite fascinating.

91202Hancock has written more books with the central theme that ancient civilization was visited by alien intelligence which helped it progress in scientific endeavor. He has also written about underwater monuments found in Dwarka, an ancient Indian city of importance in Indian mythology and some of them are available as documentaries on You tube. You tube is just great. Hancock moreover is much more informative than Daniken those book Charoits of the Gods created  a worldwide furor but came short on many scientific facts.

Hancock has over the time written many more books but Fingerprints of the Gods is well worth a read if you truly believe that there is more more out there that what has been written and talked about. The more we scientifically explore this world both in physics and civilization, the more we realize we know so little about our planet let alone this Universe.

The truth is out there… 

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