Zero to One: Peter Thiel & Paypal Mania at its best


Peter Thiel part of Paypal Mafia is an imminent Entrepreneur and Philanthropist, who co founded Paypal and Palantir apart from funding many illustrations start ups, is a  well known personality around the world. One of the Quintessential Entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley, his book Zero to One is a very informative assessment of what it takes to succeed in today’s world. He is widely known for his philanthropy especially in Life Sciences along with Larry page, Co Founder of Google.

Peter’s book is very original in its thinking of what it takes to succeed in the fast changing dynamics in information technology. His take of companies in order to dominate especially need to be monopolistic like Google’s monopoly on search is very enlightening and insightful. The book is easy to read with many examples. He succinctly explains the dynamics in Venture Capital.

“Less than 1% of new businesses started in US each year receive Venture Funding which is less than 0.2% of GDP.  But they create 11% of all the private sector jobs and an astounding 21% of GDP “…Zero to One

Wow Dude this part of statistics is fantastic.

Shows the formidable power of venture funds especially of Silicon Valley in US and Global economy. This book is highly recommended for all aspiring wannabe Entrepreneurs and Start Ups.