Linus Torvalds: Simple Man Who Changed The Tech Industry

This is a must watch TED talk with Linus Torvalds who revolutionized Technology industry during the 90s and still does through his Open Source movement. I remember while studying in Engineering and a bit later, Open Source movement had started with an idea of empowering coders around the world to build free applications which turned out to be a game changer. 

Here you get to look at the man himself, who is so simple and honest about his views and inspirations which will hits you right in your face. If someone was The Quintessential Modest person in the world, one of the top contenders would be Linus. Open source movement played a fundamental part in changing Technology, Android operating system used by majority of smart phones today works on Linus kernel.

Although I do not agree with Linus on Tesla considering he is more agreeable with Tesla rather than Edison, considering Linus gave away Technology free, which is a great humanitarian deed. This is a great interview since Linus shares a completely different perspective which is so refreshing and humane that its great to know such people still exist today. He gives example of Wikipedia which brought free knowledge to anyone who aspires to learn on net.

Salute to a great man.

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