April 23…World Book Day

April 23 is celebrated as World Book Day. 

I was not even aware that we had a World Book Day. Thanks to Amazon for sharing the information with clients and changing the paradigm of how we read books.

Reading books esp. non fiction are truly one of the greatest treasures for mankind. The great Abraham Lincoln born in frontier state in United Sates in abject poverty with no formal education, went on to become one of the greatest statesman, humanitarian and intellectuals, was known for his penchant for reading books. He not only passed the bar examination to become a lawyer but is also one of the greatest thinkers of all time. An eloquent debater, Abraham Lincoln had infinite thirst for knowledge which is truly the essence of the great man, a man who would perceptually go in history as a spiritual visionary whose superlative deeds laid down the foundations of making of a great country, defined an era and whose life story will inspire generations of people for eternity.

Lets dedicate this week to books, great people like Abraham Lincoln, knowledge and mark the historic week by choosing a book to read with judicious subject.


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