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The Man Who Knew Infinity

The movie The Man Who Knew Infinity is releasing tomorrow which is based on the life of self taught mathematical genius Great Ramanujan. Ramanujan, is a legendary Indian mathematician who like Great Abraham Lincoln was self taught and would forever change the way we understand mathematical acumen. Most of you must have seen the great movie Goodwill Hunting, wherein the character of Matt Damon is loosely inspired and in a scene compared to the Ramanujan. Ramanujan is an iconic figure, a man who will inspire people including scientists forever.

Look forward to Dev Patel in his role as Ramanujan (very high expectations)  while the evergreen Jeremy Irons, a truly versatile actor should take the movie to another level. A must watch movie and expect a review tomorrow. 

Ven. Xuanzang movie it seems is will hit screens in the coming month and stand corrected considering in my previous article I had mentioned 29 April as the release date.

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