Quotes: Venerable Confucius / Master Kongfuzi

confucius-quote1 (1)One of the timeless quotes by Ven. Confucius reverently known as Master Kongfuzi. His teachings are in the form of aphorisms in Analects apart from other books. He was truly a great visionary with superlative wisdom and a great spiritual master.

Master Kongfuzi, born during the warring period in China which was one of the most chaotic period in Chinese history. He was confucius104254instrumental in spreading the importance of education for the betterment of society and social equity. According to Britannica, Master Kongfuzi is China’s first Educator who dedicated his life in imparting education to everyone across various sections of society. Multi-talented with mastery in mathematics, ritual, music and archery among other skills, Master Kongfuzi is known to travel around China with his retinue of disciples, spreading wisdom. Although of immense intellect and spirituality, Master Kongfuzi teachings were not initially heeded to my aristocrats during the warring period. One of the main reasons was Master Kongfuzi was ahead of the curve, followed very high code of ethics and many aristocrats could not understand his teachings which stressed on spirituality, brotherhood and diplomacy. His teachings would later form the foundation of Chinese civilization, when great emperor, Emperor Wu of Han dynasty officially incorporated his teachings as code of conduct. Also to understand truly Master Kongfuzi, it is a must to read about another great philosopher and spiritual leader, Mencius, considered as the best authority on Master Kongfuzi.

“Men must be decided on what they will not do, and then they are able to act with vigor in what they ought to do” Mencius

This note is to give a very small overview on one of the greatest humanitarians, philosophers and spiritual masters the world has seen, whose timeless quotes still imbibe wisdom in today’s world.