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One for Gareth, Rehabilitation and UK Prison

Considering the theme of Knowledge, recently Gareth a prisoner in HMP Grendon (also known as therapeutic prison)United Kingdom made news by ranking first in the prestigious Cambridge University in a Masters Program in Criminology. This is great news in terms of not only achievement on part of Gareth but also in rehabilitating prisoners. Not sure why Gareth was imprisoned but he described the educational experience in Cambridge University as “transformational”. 

This is a great achievement also on the part of United Kingdom for being innovative in their judicious use of real time educational experience as a part of therapy. United States has been using education as a part of therapeutic rehabilitation apart from other work community programs.  Norway has been ahead of the curve in prison rehabilitation program by making prison experience as normal as possible while Tihar jail in India successfully used Vipassana meditation as a form of rehabilitation through mindfulness and spiritualism. Success of HMP Grendon could help in understanding the dynamics behind successful implementation of the program.

Considering the success of Gareth, this mode of educational transformation must be given due importance in prisons around the world.

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