Sri Lanka: Severe Floods

Severe flooding in Sri Lanka has forced half a million people to flee their homes across the island nation, officials say, as the death toll from days of torrential rain and landslides rose to more than 60.

  • Hopes fade for more than 130 people believed trapped under mud and rubble of two landslides
  • Hundreds of thousands shelter in camps as government seeks urgent foreign aid

WHO is working with Sri Lankan authorities and other international partners to provide critical relief to communities affected by the ‪#‎flooding‬and ‪#‎landslides‬ roiling the country. Over 400 000 people have been affected by the extreme weather event, many of whom have been displaced from their homes. Safe locations have been established as temporary shelters for affected communities, who face increased health risks, including from water- and vector-borne diseases. Hygiene kits, tents and water are being distributed. Sri Lanka’s Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigenous Medicine, Ministry of Defence, and Ministry of Disaster Management are leading the response, with additional support from WHO and other UN agencies and international partners.

People around the world can help people through donations or by sending loving kindness/best wishes to people affected in Sri Lanka. May there be peace everywhere

Parts of India and Bangladesh will be affected by Deadly Cyclone Roanu and its time to take precautions.

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