Dhaka Attacks, Baghdad Bomb: Unspeakable Tragedy & Heroic Faraaz Hossain

05friendsTragedies continue unabated. Dhaka attack wherein 22 people died has come as a shock since the terrorists involved were well educated and very young. An American, Faraaz Hossain, only 20 years old, was student of Emory University with Bangladeshi origins was killed in the terrorist attack. Faraaz (Photo: Faraaz with Tarishi Jain inset source rediff.com) refused to abandon his friends (Abinta Kabir and Tarishi Jain) when terrorists set him free and sacrificed his life as an honor code. He preferred death than a free life and died along with his friends (Abinta was also studying in Emory University and while Tarishi (Indian) was a student at UC Berkeley)9 Italians including a five month pregnant women and 7 Japanese including 2 women who were working in a Japanese aid project in Dhaka were butchered to death. Faraaz Hossain tragic death will be eternally remembered as a symbol of brotherhood, courage and indefatigable spirit in face of terror.

The unspeakable tragedies continues unabated around the world with a bomb explosion killing around 200 people in Baghdad.

Deepest Condolences to everyone. Its time everyone around the world sits down in consensus agreement to find a everlasting solution for world peace…


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