U Mich & Ann Arbor…The Journey Begins

IMG_20160810_121903174This article would be part of series of articles on Michigan particularly Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. To begin with Ann Arbor is a picturesque town surrounding University of Michigan (U Mich). The place is full of Victorian like houses with a feel of pristine town imbibing spirit of intellectualism, progressive & libertarian values, innovation, vibrant culture and art. (Pic inset: The iconic tower in Central Campus U Mich). Remember the movie Back to the Future staring the great adorable dude Michael J Fox. To refresh your memory its the scene wherein he needs to recharge his futurist car to go back in time making use of lightening which regularly strikes the ever imposing tower. To sit beneath this one is truly a moment to remember and leave the rest to your imagination.  Continue reading “U Mich & Ann Arbor…The Journey Begins”