Northwood, Pierpont Commons & Herd of Deer…Mama i AM home

IMG_20160820_180103528En-route back to my residential campus apartment in Northwood from Pierpont Commons,, encountered a herd of Deer.

Pierpont Commons is the community hub of North Campus which includes stores to purchase books & stationary, a bank, a food court and is connected to the reverential multi story Engineering, Art and Architecture library although it primarily serves as  a service center for students on North Campus. (Side pic)  IMG_20160820_143911191

Herds of Deer is very common in this part of campus in University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. With Knock Knock Knocking on heaven’s door by Guns N Roses blasting in my ear I walked along the campus path way surrounded by lush green trees, happened to encounter one of the natures most majestic and heavenly creatures. 

University of Michigan has two very important sections in its campus…The North & Central Campus apart from Sate of Art Medical College and Hospital. North Campus is predominantly focused on academia and research in Engineering, Art and Architecture. The place has a wonderful space laboratory and drama school. Central Campus is more focused on management related courses and includes among other schools Ross Business School, Gerald Ford Public Policy, Social Work School and other academic powerhouses like Mathematics and Law departments. The institute boasts one of the best quantitative courses and faculty in the world.

IMG_20160820_144339717The North Campus is surrounded by nature while Central Campus is more happening since its a symbiotic blend of academia with town life. Central Campus is close to downtown area in Ann Arbor and boasts of great dining places, theaters, off housing residential apartments etc.

IMG_20160820_175525513As I was walking back I realized how much I loved the North Campus. For the past two weeks I have been thinking about shifting to Central Campus due to proximity of my school, libraries among other things. Today I realized how lucky I was to be staying in Northwood surrounded by flora and fauna.

Its a great place to Meditate, be Mindful or practise Yoga. North Campus has natural beauty compared to Central Campus artistic and vibrant vibe. Its a wonderful opportunity for students to experience both sides of perspective of life which very few Universities in theIMG_20160820_144356730 World could offer. The winters here could be freezing but I know now that I will be happy here in Northwood. Its true you really do not know what your subconscious mind really wants.

Years of research on workings of mind, we have yet to comprehend seemingly potential workings of human mind. Subconscious part of mind is about 99% while the conscious part is 1%. Humans on an average use about 5-7% of the mind while it is assumed Albert Einstein used about 11-12% of his mind.

IMG_20160820_175911101Its been sometime ever since I came to Ann Arbor that I have been Knocking on Heavens Door. Knock Knock on the heavens door by Bob Dylan ( the original ) not Guns N Roses…Its time to order Yoga mat…Mama I am home…Mama I am home…Mama I am home…


The Mama in my article means to my mother while in the song its refers to wife of the Sheriff on whose last few moments the song is based on.

The song describes the collapse of a deputy sheriff; dying from a bullet wound, he tells his wife “Mama, take this badge off of me; I can’t use it anymore.” The song consists of four chords in the key of G major: G, D, Am7, and C. The basic pattern throughout the song is G-D-Am7-Am7 and then G-D-C-C, and this is repeated. Over the years, Dylan has changed the lyrics, as have others who have performed this song.