Susan Doyle…A Miracle From Above

This is and will remain till eternity one of the greatest inspiration videos of all time. This created a worldwide sensation. Susan Boyle, stunning performance was triumph of humanity…common people. This video was circulated around the world more times any any other video at that point of time. She was a simple homemaker and she was one of the greatest discoveries through reality talent show around the world. Her performance in Britain Got Talent would inspire generations of wannabe stars that nothing can stop you if you dare to dream a dream

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  1. Why was everybody against her? Why did they express kind of dismay? it is because the human animal now thinks that the person is the somatic body. If it is slim and painted, clothed in all sorts of colored dresses, with garnishing around the neck, ear lobes and perfumes to hide the smell of sweat, then just as the audience at the beginning before Susan sang they all think those are the heavenly ones. Susan showed all those people dressed, perfumed, painted something they did not know, and that was the peace, kindness, equanimity, altruistic joy with her song. Her voice was beautiful and she was full of peace and compassion and thankfully made the other know that the human being is way beyond the painted and dressed body which in fact has 32 stinking components, and if seen separately will fill one with revulsion. Susan you showed the judges and that audience who a human being is and that it is not about the somatic body but of the consciousness illustrated with love, compassion, altruistic joy, equanimity etc. Thank you

    • To add to what i said yesterday in my comments, we all have our paradigms illustrating our consciousness mostly stereotyped. That was true of the audience who were rather cynical at first because in their illustrations, the vocalist has to be young, very pretty (I mean the body pretty) and all that. But on that stage she changed it all in just 5 minutes for all, and gave them a paradigm shift. That was never judge people by their external looks as that is very deceptive. She showed to those in the auditorium as well as those watching on TV what it means to be beautiful, the beauty of the heart & mind. Susan as all the three judges said, you are truly great, not just in singing but from deep in your heart. If only the media can give more exposure to these rather than those politicians, I am sure we will have a better world for all.





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