Pittsburgh: Staircase to Heaven

Staircase to Heaven might be one of the best rock songs composed and sung by Led Zeppelin. Pittsburgh is one of the cities which might as  a metaphor lead you to the Utopian dream. I have just been for a day and I am already in heaven.

I fell in love with the city and I cannot explain it. Its breathtaking with judicious mix of skyscrapers, Victorian architecture, world class museums and parks and universities. University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University are two world class universities in the city and serve as focal point of innovation.  I am writing this piece while siting at Carnegie Mellon library and would enunciate at length about my experience in detail later but in short a superlative experience till now. This is why US leads in innovation…


In set pic: Cathedral building in University of Pittsburgh, Oakland. Carnegie Mellon Public Library

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