Day: June 11, 2017

Quintessential American Spirit…Kick Ass Attitude

US is the dream destination for millions of people from around the world. US has an El Dorado aura or halo about itself. Backed with technological innovation, educational expertise, entrepreneurship spirit and a consumption driven economy, US is the hub of modern civilization. Why do people want to come to US ? It is obviously for a better life. Maybe for some it would be adventure.

Did Hollywood movies play a pivotal role in defining image of US around the world… Is it not true that movies reflect a part of the culture of the society ? Isn’t American spirit about scientific exploration, pursuit of truth, creativity, happiness and spirituality. Americans gave to the world…exuberance & personality…multifaceted perspectives and a kick ass attitude…To be continued…

Pittsburgh…American Spirit

I had to visit Pittsburgh for something personal which could not be avoided. Nature sometimes takes you to places which turnout to be heaven. In US if you are travelling, its best to book through Airbnb. I had used Airbnb, when I had traveled to Chicago for a competition for a day.  It was a pleasant stay at both the places. Airbnb, gives a discount for the first trip, so its always better to use business or university id. Airbnb became profitable in 2016 and is valued around $31 bn. It is the second most valuable start up in America and raised about $3 bn  in various rounds of funding.  Continue reading “Pittsburgh…American Spirit”

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