Facts, Intelligence and Self Actualization

I have been asked many times, which people I think are the smartest in the world. Not sure what does smart mean but in terms of demographics and ethnicity, statistically its Jews. Jews comprise less than 1% of population and they have more Nobel laureate than anyone as an ethnic group. Christians lead in philanthropy and creativity. Coming to creativity, British and French are exemplary although I don’t have any statistics to back this fact. New York, Los Angeles, Paris and London are global centers of art. Most of the innovation in last 300 years has come from US and Europe although in last 50 years Japanese, Chinese and Indians have contributed immensely. Chinese of the late are traveling at express speed in many fields in technology. Americans and Europeans, lead proliferation of spiritual wave especially in the last 70 years. This is also because these countries are developed economies and according to Maslow, self actualization comes on the top of the pyramid. More on this at a later date

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