IMSB Gym: Mother of All The Gyms

IMSB gym in University of Michigan is one of the most amazing gyms, I have ever visited for workout. Its multi-storied with ample space to work out. It has an immense athletics track behind the gym with a lush green lawn. Today, I saw an Olympic athlete practicing long distance running. The gym offers various add on activities like yoga, specialized cardio workouts etc. I get inspiration specially when I see fellow trainers especially women training here. The level of fitness and strength training I have noticed among some women here is mindbogglingly. The gym is almost perfect except that it doesn’t have a swimming pool. Multiple floors with treadmills, cycling machines, courts to play indoor games, a huge basket ball court are some of the amenities provided at the gym. There are regular fitness instructors as well as specialized personal training available at the gym. Some of my best memories are associated with this gym. Its a great place to work out for your well being.

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