Superlative Seattle…

Seattle is not the only triumph of America but a Superlative achievement of humanity. Seattle is an amazing city, rich in diversity, culture, technology and engineering marvel. It is also the hometown of Grunge Music and genesis of rock bands like Nirvana (Remember the heavenly Kurt Cobain), Pearl Jam…ah Jeremy the mesmerizing  Eddie Vedder, Soundgarden etc and the iconic Jimi Hendrix.

I am so happy that I came to Seattle. It has all the makings of an exemplary American city. Kick ass people, breathtaking landscape surrounded by the divine bay, enticing skyscrapers and a thriving American culture. Seattle is one of the most innovative cities in the world and a known technological hot bath. I am yet to explore museums, planetarium etc. and will come out with a special feature on Seattle. Seattle has everything, mountains, bay and a bubbling downtown.

There is a part of myself which will always be in Pittsburg,  a bit in Chicago and I know Denver is one the quintessential cities in the world (not visited) but Seattle rocks…I am finally alive…so alive…

Coming Up Rise of Geeks…A tribute to technology…Microsoft, Google., Amazon, eBay, Facebook and many others…

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