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Seattle/ Greater Seattle: Another Day in Paradise…Phil Collins Special

I have been very busy to write much here but I will be opening a section on Seattle and Greater Seattle here. Seattle is surrounded by other cities and well-connected with public transportation.  Greater Seattle ha step magnificent Bellevue, the scenic Kirkland, mountainous Sammamish and wonderful other towns like Bothell among others. Seattle and Greater Seattle are separated by a bay and the distances between all the neighboring cities/ towns are Seattle/ Greater Seattle has everything from a world-renowned trekking mountainous region, a small engulfing bay, well-developed infrastructure, vibrant culture and a world-class technology hub. It has many educational centers including world-class University of Washington and a mystic charm of a vibrant true American city. There are many museums and other cultural centers including stunning 12 stories public library in Downtown Seattle.  I also explored a bit of nightlife and very advanced. This is a city you can settle down for life and we come to Sleepless in Seattle. Sleepless in Seattle is a Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movies which I have not seen but will come out with its movie review sometime soon. Coming to movies, I saw the Justice League which could be avoided for every reason in the world except that it has Gal Gadot. The movies also star’s one of evergreen actress Amy Adams who stunned everyone including myself with her charm, stunning beauty and singing in Enchanted, released sometime back but is elegantly wasted in the movie. Need to watch Gal Gadot’s movie The Wonder Women, who is arguably at present the sexiest women alive. She is really a wonderful or ahh wonder woman.

I am sure many feel that they are in paradise or maybe it’s another day in paradise. Let’s listen to this song from one of the greatest singers of all time know…Phil Collins…An epic songwriter with one of the most soulful melodious voice.

Once I dared to sing this song in a party…I thought I sang but it was more of a prose… I realized when a girl came up and said…Hey, Why did you not sing the song? I thought that’s what I had done…No worries lets move on…My voice has more flavor for metal or maybe grunge genre.


This time of the year, the weather in Seattle is a bit gloomy with occasional rains.  However, I could argue that some people really wish it’s going to rain now or maybe down. London is notorious for rains and of course, Amchi Mumbai is famous for its unpredictable drizzle.

To be continued…