Trekkers Paradise, Amazing Grocery Store…Seattle/ Greater Seattle

Seattle/ Greater Seattle is known for its splendid landscape and is heaven for trekkers around the world. One of the most amazing achievements of the US is to have preserved wildlife. Every major city in the US has wonderful parks and Seattle is naturally blessed with a range of mountains, parks, and forests backed by a bay which forms the golden paradise.One of the America’s greatest achievement is to holistically blend all aspects of living in their cities especially promoting outdoor life.


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I recently visited a grocery store in the Lake Union and was dazzled by the cheap prices of goods. The staff was very courteous and helpful but the prices were unbelievable. It’s hard to understand how they sustain themselves. I bought goods worth $24 and almost saved 100% on my purchase. This translates into almost $24 of savings on purchases of the equivalent amount.   (pic right). I forgot the name of the store and in case someone from the store is reading the article, Please get back to me at



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