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Little Red Hen

Little Red Hen is a small lounge bar in Seattle. It is known for live country music and karaoke. It’s a wonderful and enchanting place with lively ambiance. I am a teetotaler ( broke my promise only once recently in four years just for one day and usually avoid bars and clubs). However, Little Red Hen is known for its penchant for southern culture and attracts people from all walks of life and age. It’s a very good place to hang out with your family and I saw some electrifying dance steps on the back of free flow of good old country music. I have not visited the southern part of the US but at least got to see a glimpse of its culture through country music, folk, and dancing. The bar also offers free dancing lessons and this place is a must visit in Seattle. A well laid out place with multifaceted entertainment for singles, families, and group of friends. It’s a little gem in the heart of Seattle not far from Northgate Mall and felt a wisp of American culture at the place…There is nothing little about it…A Grand Red Hen…A MUST VISIT…

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