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Washington DC: City of Museums…Its Just Special

Washington DC is a city of stunning monuments (Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial etc.) and magnificent museums. I am not sure if there are any statistics about museums per population, but DC might be the leading city in the world by this measure. To explore only the museums which range from American Natural History, Art, Science, and Space to specialized themes would take at least three days. You can also do it a day or two with very limited learning and meaningful experience.

Washington DC metro might have only 7,00,000 population and the population doubles during the day when people travel from nearby cities, is truly a global melting point. It might not have the grandeur of New York City, Paris or London, the subtle confluence of east and west of Hong Kong or the pure splendor of Tokyo, Shanghai or Mumbai, the cuteness of  Singapore or maybe the uniqueness of Dubai (I have not visited New York City, London, Paris, Dubai and Tokyo and writing from what I have heard)  but it has an eclectic vibrancy of  few cities around the world. It attracts a very diverse mix of people globally which is also partly due to tourism. I had a very brief overlook of its nightlife and experienced breathtaking live blues music. DC in many ways rocks…DC is also the hub of global development organizations and nonprofit research institutions, a fact very few people know around the world.

Like There is Something About Mary there is something about Washington DC which you cannot put a finger on. It’s Just Special due to its overall well-rounded experience.  Pittsburg is a cute US city with a well laid out downtown with a fusion of universities within the city. Washington DC has its uniqueness in its varied architecture with glimpses of European architecture. I suggest if you do visit DC, you must visit Space Museum among others and stay for at least four days to imbibe into DC culture. I will post some photos on Facebook but DC must be on your itinerary when you visit the US. Also, if you visit Seattle and Greater Seattle, do visit Oregon especially Portland.  You will love it. The US has amazing cities with a breathtaking landscape which truly makes it one the greatest countries of our time and without doubt of our era.

I will be inserting videos and pictures in this article at a later date…To be elaborated.