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Pink Flyod, The Hamilton and DC

Articles on Washington DC would be coming up by mid of this month and I would be writing regularly again. I have to write about historical places, museums and a bit of nightlife I explored while at DC. Also, a great coffee shop called Tryst. Tryst is an amazing coffee shop in Adams Morgan, one of the classicist cafe I have ever been in my life. The place is well-lit in the evening and has live music. People who love live music and concerts must visit The Hamilton. The Hamilton is one of my favorite founding fathers and the place is huge with a separate auditorium wherein artists play live music. I missed live performance of The Machine who played one of my evergreen favorite bands…Pink Floyd…I am very Comfortable Numb about missing the show. Comfortably Numb would arguably be one of the greatest rock numbers of all time if not the best. Dave Gilmour iconic rift could launch a hundred ships if not thousand since that honor still rests with Helen of Troy. Don’t listen to the song too much. Its psychedelic and you might not be able to sleep at night if you do not hear it often…Just be mindful when you listen to the song…Other goods places for socializing especially for live music especially for blues and jazz are Morgan’s Organ and Eighteen Street Lounge. I am not much of a nightlife person but it’s not a bad idea to just explore it at times. One of the best barometers to gauge the progress of a nation or community is to sense how sophisticated the nightlife is and the nightlife in DC is very advanced and measured…In the end, it always depends on the places you choose to visit…Museums will be slowly covered…Leave you with a song which will stand the test of time and fondly remembered and heard even a century later…I would stop posting music videos slowly as well as any description of live music and nightlife going forward here. Slowly phased out in a measured manner…Have a good evening…

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