One for India; Mr. Modi& President Xi

Buddha  “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.”

It is very heartening that Mr. Modi is taking a very moderate and middle path between the US and China as a foreign policy. The relations between China and India go back to more than 2000 years considering the cultural ties between the two countries. Good relations with China should be one of the top priorities for India. The cultural ties between the two countries are so strong that over the years any hostilities would mitigate like the yield spread of bonds converges to a lower level over the years. At last, there is a consensus between India and China that military might is not the answer and the best way is always a dialogue. Asia has always been one of the foremost intellectual and spiritual hubs in the world and its time to take it to another level. Its time for an enduring peace and maybe President Xi and Mr. Modi can work out something and enshrine their legacy to a level never seen or heard before. I am not only thinking of Nobel Peace Prize for both, which they would receive but leave a legacy which will stand the test of time.

I had the privilege to study in the US, China, and Singapore known for encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship. The best way forward is to assimilate positive features and ignore aspects which you don’t agree or value. Building and maintaining very good relation with China should be one of the core focus of our foreign policy initiatives. I was pleasantly surprised to read about Made in China 2025 initiative, found it to be very high-level thinking and wish China success in their attempt to transform into a high-end information age economy. China as a civilization has been one of the most consistent civilizations in innovation; invented paper and wrote some of the best treatises in mathematics. President Xi should build an educational ecosystem like the US, UK, Canada and Singapore and open many more world-class universities to integrate research and development into corporate world setting a new benchmark in the world. Today, China has the largest network of high-speed trains and skyscrapers, but to build an education system will take some time. The good news is that the journey has already begun in China. I urge Mr. Modi to look at opening a world-class university which would include every discipline under the sun and not few disciplines like engineering or business administration. I came to know today that China leads in the new patent filings in the world according to WIPO report published in 2016,  China received more patent filings than United States of America, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the European Patent Office. Afterall, in the last decade, China has brought more people out of poverty than any other country, followed by India.

Only recently came to know about Tianjin Binhai library, one of the most fabulous and superlative libraries in the world. Considered by many as the world’s coolest library, it has 1.2 million books with a mind-blogging architecture. This is not only a very holistic initiative but something which is worth replicating around the world. I loved the US model of free public libraries around its cities, something which both China and India should look as a priority policy initiative, more so for India. It not only spreads education, knowledge, social awareness but builds a sense of patriotism. Photo source:

Mr, Modi also recently visited one of the greatest universities in the world: Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore wherein I was an exchange student at the business school. NTU is undoubtedly one of the most international and creative universities in the world with a huge focus on research and development. Institutes like NTU are the backbone of Singapore creative and technological milieu.

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During the time of turbulence in China during the warring period, a great emperor rose in India by the name of Ashoka. Ashoka, before he became a benevolent ruler, attacked and annexed many territories but never ventured into China. During that time, the Han dynasty had established its rule and China was not a united kingdom. At the same time when India was not united, China which was still a formidable kingdom did not attack India. As a matter of fact, the Ming dynasty built The Great Wall of China, to defend itself against any foreign attack. It’s very sad, I did not visit this magnificent, wonder of this world piece of art and architecture while studying in China.

The United States is a superlative country in many things but any rhetoric which encourages war or extreme protectionist economic policy must never be encouraged. As a benevolent neighbor of an inspiring country like China, we will always bet on the positive side. At the same time, India must also take all precautions to defend itself, a learning amplified in Chinese history.

A bit inspired from Confucian wisdom… “Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart.”