Day: June 12, 2018

What is dirty float?

Coming up an article on the dirty float not to be confused with Dirty Dancing. Dirty float here alludes to currency intervention by central banks to stabilize currency within a band. This policy is followed by many countries including India.  This term came up during the recent trade rhetoric and have thought about writing a bit on this subject for some time and with this, we come to a concept of Impossible Trinity

Educate Girls

Educate Girls, a nonprofit organization based in India, is empowering women in rural India through increased access to quality education to cut gender inequality. Educate Girls is also the first nonprofit or any organization in India to use Social Impact Bonds to proliferate pay for success as a model for delivering a measurable and sustainable social impact. Continue reading “Educate Girls”

One for FIFA World Cup

FIFA World Cup starts on 14 of this month. According to FIFA, 44% of world’s population watched at least one minute of soccer during the last world cup. Not sure how the statistics i.e. the sampling worked out for this figure but the biggest sporting spectacle would start in two days.

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