Educate Girls

Educate Girls, a nonprofit organization based in India, is empowering women in rural India through increased access to quality education to cut gender inequality. Educate Girls is also the first nonprofit or any organization in India to use Social Impact Bonds to proliferate pay for success as a model for delivering a measurable and sustainable social impact. Social Impact Bonds are a misnomer in terms of bond markets since there are no coupon or interest payments as well as no capital protection. Social Finance, UK pioneered this concept for attracting private capital for social welfare. Social Impact Bonds, works on a very simple need to bring in accountability in terms of measuring benchmarks or keep performance indicators against the mission of projects to reward philanthropists or private donors. For example, it could be increased in test scores, attendance in schools etc as mentioned in the article below. The idea here is to make it quantifiable to measure cause and effect of donations. This is a very good initiative taken by both the non-profit and similar projects must be undertaken by the government across India. The credit for the futurist effort at Educate Girls goes to Dasra, the portfolio holding of Educate Girls…

Social Impact Bonds came with a lot of promise, but its rise has been muted. Although these bonds form an part of social finance ecosystem in the US and Europe esp. the UK, they are still a long way to go.

Parallelly, Girls Who Code, in the US is a movement to close gender inequity in technology.

To be continued…

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