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Paul Allen: Legacy of Eternal Sunshine

Recently, Paul Allen co-founder of Microsoft and founder of philanthropic company Vulcan Inc. passed away. Paul will forever be remembered for this spectacular vision, techno brilliance, and world-beating philanthropic attitude. Known for his affable and colorful personality backed with an invigorating sense of humor, Paul epitomizes American values of exuberance, geekiness and giving. A big fan of Portland Trailblazers, Seattle SeaHawks and Jimmi Hendrix, Paul left an indelible mark in technology, art, sports and philanthropy.

Instrumental in changing lifestyle curve of the world through personal computing, his life will inspire generations around the world to be better humans both professionally and personally. Vulcan’s work in technology and information is mind-boggling esp. its work on brain science. Vulcan also hosts free machine learning classes in Seattle and is working on the upper end of the pyramid to help humans make a gargantuan leap in life for the good.

Leave you all with a video on Paul Allen…Some People Are Timeless…Their deeds are timeless…