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Mary Kom, 10 K, Marathon and Fitness

Mary Kom, “Epic Women” epitomizes fitness in India for both men and women. She is a six times winner of world boxing championship and hails from the northeastern part of India. North East India is undoubtedly the best-kept secret in India with unmatched natural beauty, resources, and absolutely fantastic and fittest people. Soon, the first all-women SWAT force will be inducted into Delhi police force comprising of 36 women constables from the northeast majority of them from Assam. My father was posted in the northeast in India as an officer in Indian armed forces and have had very fond memories of the place.

Women special forces in India will never be complete without the mention of Seema Rao, “India’s Wonder Women“, who has trained thousands of trainees in special forces in India including men. Recently I completed my first 10 km run outside the very important one hour timer. The thumb rule for qualifying in prestigious marathon events in India and maybe globally is to complete 10 K run within an hour. A marathon has an official distance of 42. 195 km (26.2 miles) and half marathon an exact half distance of the marathon. On average, runners complete a half marathon in 2.2 hours including both men and women implying an average speed of 10 km per hour. Coming back to elite special forces, Jegertroppen,Hunter Troops” the first all-women special forces unit belongs to Norwegian armed forces special command. “To qualify for the Jegertroppen, applicants have to run about four miles carrying 60 pounds of military gear in under 52 minutes. That’s just three minutes less than their male counterparts who have to do the same thing in under 49 minutes.”   I quote the example to exemplify strength and endurance. And now we have a benchmark… The source is listed below… In case you are looking for the schedule of marathons in India, look no further. Townscript is the mother of all websites enlisting details of all runs in India…Fitness will be a major feature on this blog going further…