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As an exception, I am publishing Lift For India competition held in the local gym near my place. The power lifting competition included three core strength exercises: Bench Press, Squats and Dead Lifts. The proceeds of the competition were donated to the families of the victims of Pulwana terror attack in Kashmir, India. For donation refer to the link below.

I am no way a master of these exercises but it’s always good to take part in a holistic cause. The spirit of the competition is always to enjoy and do your best. This article includes on the ground videos.

One rep set is used to measure strength i.e. the most one can lift in the above mentioned functional exercises. Functional exercise includes compound movements which involves multiple muscles. The biggest muscle in the body are legs and squats are the best exercises for legs and strength if done with correct form.

I did the following in each class. We all had two attempts to lift the weights of our choice.

Bench Press: 60 kg ( 132.2 lbs) is the most I lifted today. I failed to pick 65 kg (145 lbs). Bench Press always moves in incremental small steps and its advisable to increase in steps of 1 to 2 kg.

Squats: Two successful attempts 85 kg (187.3 lbs) and 90 kg (198 lbs).

Dead Lift: 100 kg (220.4 lbs) successful and 110 kg (242 lbs) failure. Dead Lifts is core back exercise and the one that can cause injuries. I have a tendency to stoop and it’s always good to this under supervision.

I weigh about 67 kg (lets take 65 kg for a lack of a better weight )  in a couple of weeks and as thumb rule should lift 65 kg in bench press. Your body weight should be on your arms. So everyone has a bench mark to reach and exceed if possible. In order to build strength its judicious to increase endurance. The point is to increase our heart rate and endurance built through running helps a lot in gaining strength. Excessive running on roads is also bad for the knees and can burn muscles as well so need to be careful. However, the greatest intake is your diet. One kg of weight requires between 1.5 to 2 gm of protein. Protein shake is the best supplement for enhancing protein intake. And remember weight training is different from strength training.

We end with one of my failed attempts. My next 10 K run is coming up soon. Need to run within an hour and then first half marathon.


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