Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Student Formula Racecar and Crowdfunding

Recently I visited Vishwakarma Institute of Technology(VIT), Pune, my alma mater for the first Conclave event  organised at the institute. VIT is a leading private engineering institute in India and ranks among the top five in private engineering institutes. The conclave had a range of themes and speakers including Air Marshall Bhushan Gokhale (Retd) and Sanjay Khatkar founder of Quick Heal. Air Marshall Bhushan Gokhale had an illustrious career in Air Force with many gallantry awards including VSM, AVSM, PVSM while Quick Head is one of the leading Cyber Security companies in the world. Sanjay is also an alum of VIT, Pune. The conclave had an invigorating intellectual discussion across diverse policy and business topics. Sanjay’s story is very inspiring and feel good. He came from very humble beginnings and founded one of the most technology savvy companies in India.

While at VIT, I was pleasantly surprised to meet budding formula car engineers who are developing a leading student formula racecar prototype. I spoke with a few of them and posting the videos here. Dolly, one of the engineers in the team is part of the team designing the new formula prototype. Inset in the video, Veloce 8.0, which covers 75 meters in just 4.8 seconds. Team VIT ranked 3rd overall among 130 teams in the SupraIndia competition last year.


I was so impressed by the students, its worth sharing their marvelous engineering marvel. Shubham, a super enthusiast student engineer takes us through Veloce 8.

These complex technological machines are expensive to build. With minimal support from the start, students are always on the hunt for sponsors.

In recent years, Crowdfunding is one of the most creative ways in reaching out to people leveraging technology. This is a good way of funding start-ups, ventures through micro funding from many donors. A smile is worth a hundred if not a thousand ships and your donation will just be the answer these engineers are looking for. The link to their crowdfunding campaign is listed below. Do you have the horsepower…Get one…Right Now. Right Now is also a wonderful song by the one and only…Van Halen…Invest in technology, invest in education. Leave you with Van Halen’s song. Van Halen is also one of the greatest guitarists of all time.

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